Not For You – MORDRED You're the perfectYou're the greatYou're the humbleYou're the saintWe've been lyin' hereAnd we've been sheddin' tearsYou're the sun, you're the sunWe'll revolve around the oneOrdained by those in chargeWe see you sitting large God exists when I callTake what you want from allBack down and out of sightCause this American dreamIs not for you, … Continuar lendo Not For You – MORDRED

FAITH NO MORE surprise show @ The Troubador (2015)

Surprise, it's live! Live at the Troubadour | Los Angeles, CA | September 3rd 2015 ▪️ SETLIST ▪️ From The DeadMatadorMotherfuckerBlack FridayRise Of The FallCone Of ShameSeparation AnxietySuperheroSol InvictusCaffeineBe AggressiveMidlife CrisisGentle Art Of Making EnemiesAshes To Ashes (Partial)Just A Man ENCORE: I Started A JokeWe Care A LotAs The Worm Turns

Superhero – FAITH NO MORE live @ BBC Radio Go Go Go GoGo Go Go GoGo Go Go GoGo Go Go Go…SuperheroI'm tugging on your capeTell me will your sonsKnow their father one dayLeader of menLeader of menGet back in your cageWill you be one of them?Like an American drugMakes a mean cock grow…kill a priestMakes a superman of glassGo Go GoThe S … Continuar lendo Superhero – FAITH NO MORE live @ BBC Radio

MR. BUNGLE live @ Cattle Club, Sacramento (1991) Hi, happy friday! Here's my Mr. Bungle Cattle Club video. It was so packed at the club that night, and with the cold temperatures outside, the place was humid and steamy. The mirrors on the side of the club had water running down them because of the condensation. Filmed with the old Aiwa CV-80 … Continuar lendo MR. BUNGLE live @ Cattle Club, Sacramento (1991)

Understanding Mr. Bungle (The Self-titled Album) To say that Mr.Bungle is an eclectic album, is an understatement. Thanks to Mike Patton’s outstanding personality in the music business, both the band and the self-titled debut garnered a special place in the hearts of many cult-fans over the years. And for good reasons.The band tried to break boundaries musically and lyrically with … Continuar lendo Understanding Mr. Bungle (The Self-titled Album)

Everything’s ruined – FAITH NO MORE We were so happyThings worked out better than we had plannedCapital from boy, woman and manWe were like ink and paperNumbers on a calculatorKnew arithmetic so wellWorking overtime completed what was assignedWe had to multiply ourselvesA bouncing little babyA shiny copper pennyAnd he spent himselfWould not listen to usBut when he lost his appetiteHe … Continuar lendo Everything’s ruined – FAITH NO MORE


Not everything's ruined. Trump lost. SHINY COPPER PENNIES! This week we covered Faith No More's "Everything's Ruined" so we are very nervous about it and there is absolutely footage of bird's shitting in reverse in the video. This cover features: Emily Lee: Droneflower and Shearwater… Trever Strnad: The Black Dahlia Murderhttps://theblackdahliamurder.bandcamp… Jared Shavelson: … Continuar lendo Everything’s ruined – THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER & FRIENDS

KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD live on KEXP http://KEXP.ORG presents King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard performing live in the KEXP studio. Recorded September 2, 2015. SONGS:The RiverI'm In Your MindI'm Not In Your MindCellophaneI'm In Your Mind Fuzz

We Care A Lot – ANTHRAX, MASTODON, RUN DMC & More Anthrax, Korn, Mastodon, Men Without Hats, Slaves on Dope, Refused, Quicksand, Brutal Truth, Czarface, Run DMC, Filter and Our Lady Peace cover Faith No More’s We Care A lot. Jason Rockman and Kevin Jardine of Slaves on Dope  have teamed up with a veritable who’s who of music  heavyweights to cover the amazing Faith No More’s … Continuar lendo We Care A Lot – ANTHRAX, MASTODON, RUN DMC & More

Do what I tell ya – INFECTIOUS GROOVES You'll do what I tell ya!And I watch you sweat. Then I'll watch you shakeAnd then you beg. And then you scream "I'll do what you tell me!"You'll do what I tell ya! That is right, Punk!See, I think you're gonna have to find out the hard way!You'll do what I tell you! I'm … Continuar lendo Do what I tell ya – INFECTIOUS GROOVES