PRIMUS – Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver

From the album Tales from the Punchbowl (1995) Wynona's got herself a big brown beaverAnd she shows it off to all her friendsOne day, you know, that beaver tried to leave her,So she caged him up with cyclone fenceAlong came Lou with the old baboonAnd said Recognize that smell?Smells like seven layers,That beaver eats… Continue lendo PRIMUS – Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS – Dark Necessities

From the RHCP's album The Getaway (2016). Coming out to the light of dayWe got many moons that are deep at playSo I keep an eye on the shadow's smileTo see what it has to sayYou and I both knowEverything must go awayAh, what do you say?Spinning knot that is on my heartIt's like… Continue lendo RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS – Dark Necessities

If Red Hot Chili Peppers were from India – ANDRÉ ANTVNES

André Antunes is a guitarist and YouTuber from Portugal. Known for his excellent talents playing the electric guitar, André’s creative ability goes so much further than playing an instrument. He sees music, and in particular, heavy metal in real world events such as viral videos and tv interviews. André has built a large social media… Continue lendo If Red Hot Chili Peppers were from India – ANDRÉ ANTVNES

Mike Patton’s “Falling To Pieces”: torn between Mr. Bungle and FNM

In an interview, Faith No More's producer Matt Wallace remarks that “during The Real Thing, Mike Patton was still not 100 percent committed to Faith No More, and this is my own reading, I could be wrong, but I think his way of protecting himself and feeling like he was still part of Bungle was that… Continue lendo Mike Patton’s “Falling To Pieces”: torn between Mr. Bungle and FNM

Behind The Board: Faith No More “The Real Thing” with Matt Wallace

We trusted each other and we did it for the right reasons. We didn't expect any kind of success, and we certainly didn't expect it to blow up. It never occurred to us that would happen. At least to me. They thought it was a pop record. There's an honesty to that record, that was… Continue lendo Behind The Board: Faith No More “The Real Thing” with Matt Wallace

PRIMUS – My name is Mud

From Pork Soda (1993) My name is MudMy name is MudNot to be confused with Bill or Jack or Pete or DennisMy name is Mud and it’s always been‘Cause I’m the most boring sonsabitch you’ve ever seenI dress in blue, yes, navy blueFrom head to toe I’m rather drab, except my patent shoesI make… Continue lendo PRIMUS – My name is Mud


Formed in 1993, Funk Fuckers was a Brazilian band from Rio de Janeiro that melded funk, rap, and hardcore. Their lyrics were intentionally lewd and politically incorrect, meant to be shocking for the moral and esthetic conventions of the 90s. Its leader and main vocalist, B Negão, was also a member of Planet Hemp, and… Continue lendo FUNK FUCKERS – In Tha House

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS – MTV Rockumentary (1995)

Excellent RHCP documentary about history of a band since 1982 to 1995. Probably the best RHCP documentary ever!

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS – London docvmentary (1990)

This video was recorded on January 1st 1990, when the Red Hot Chili Peppers were touring London. Not sure if this film was ever released during the time of its creation, but it surfaced the internet in 2012 and was taken down shortly after. Those are all the details I have thus far. Sorry for… Continue lendo RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS – London docvmentary (1990)