MR. BUNGLE live @ Cattle Club, Sacramento (1991) Hi, happy friday! Here's my Mr. Bungle Cattle Club video. It was so packed at the club that night, and with the cold temperatures outside, the place was humid and steamy. The mirrors on the side of the club had water running down them because of the condensation. Filmed with the old Aiwa CV-80 … Continuar lendo MR. BUNGLE live @ Cattle Club, Sacramento (1991)

Buffalo – STUMP

Listening to an interview with Trey Spruance, who recommended a band named STUMP. From the 1988 album A Fierce Pancake - First time I heard about Stump was in 1990. Mike Patton mentioned A Fierce Pancake as one of his favourite albums of the past year in a 'best of' list in an … Continuar lendo Buffalo – STUMP

Understanding Mr. Bungle (The Self-titled Album) To say that Mr.Bungle is an eclectic album, is an understatement. Thanks to Mike Patton’s outstanding personality in the music business, both the band and the self-titled debut garnered a special place in the hearts of many cult-fans over the years. And for good reasons.The band tried to break boundaries musically and lyrically with … Continuar lendo Understanding Mr. Bungle (The Self-titled Album)

These are the days (VHS) – ESTRADASPHERE The only film that exists documenting the first era of Estradasphere (It's Understood, 2000 Secret Chiefs 3 tour, and the original lineup). While perhaps not as earth shattering as the new Palace DVD, "These Are The Days" is a must have 'family history movie' for all Estadasphere fans. Estradasphere was an experimental band that … Continuar lendo These are the days (VHS) – ESTRADASPHERE

Feels Good – TONY! TONI! TONÉ! Play this record as frequently as possible,Then as it becomes easier for you,Play the record once a day, or as neededIt feels good, yeahIt feels goodOoohh it feels goodIt feels goodIt sure feels good to meIf the rythum feels good let me hear you say uh uh babyIf the rythum feels good let me … Continuar lendo Feels Good – TONY! TONI! TONÉ!

Electric Avenue – EDDY GRANT (live) BoyBoy Down in the street there is violenceAnd a lots of work to be doneNo place to hang out our washingAnd I can't blame all on the sun, oh no We gonna rock down to Electric AvenueAnd then we'll take it higherOh we gonna rock down to Electric AvenueAnd then we'll take it higher … Continuar lendo Electric Avenue – EDDY GRANT (live)

Colors – BLACK PUMAS I woke up to the morning sky firstBaby blue, just like we rehearsedWhen I get up off this ground, I shake leaves back downTo the brown, brown, brown, brown 'til I’m cleanThen I walked where I'd be shaded by the treesBy a meadow of greenFor about a mileI'm headed to town, town, town in … Continuar lendo Colors – BLACK PUMAS

Kiss – TOM JONES & ART OF NOISE You don't have to be beautifulTo turn me onI just need your body, babyFrom dusk till dawnYou don't need experienceTo turn me outYou just leave it all up to meI'll show you what it's all about You don't have to be rich to be my girlYou don't have to be cool to rule my … Continuar lendo Kiss – TOM JONES & ART OF NOISE