Seven Days – STING

Ten Summoner's Tales é o quarto álbum de estúdio do cantor Sting, lançado a 9 de Março de 1993. O disco ganhou dois Grammy Award, um na categoria "Best Male Pop Vocal Performance" com a música "If I Ever Lose My Faith in You" e outro na categoria "Best Engineered Recording, Non Classical". "Seven … Continuar lendo Seven Days – STING

Cérebro Magnético (1980) – HERMETO PASCOAL

Hermeto Pascoal (born June 22, 1936) is a Brazilian composer and multi-instrumentalist. He was born in Lagoa da Canoa, Alagoas, Brazil. Pascoal is a legendary figure in the history of Brazilian music, mainly known for his abilities in orchestration and improvisation, as well as being a record producer and contributor to many Brazilian and international … Continuar lendo Cérebro Magnético (1980) – HERMETO PASCOAL

Spirit / Love Is All Around / Train Train (1971) – ERIC BURDON & WAR Eric Burdon & War, live in Denmark, 22.1.71 (full programme) ♥ ♫ ♥ ♫♫ ♥ ♥☺ Spirit - 00:00​ / Love Is All Around - 07:58​ / Train, Train - 14:26​ Eric Burdon - vocalsLonnie Jordan - organ/piano/percussionCharles Miller - flute/sax/percussionHoward Scott - guitarLee Oskar - harmonicaB.B Dickerson - bass(Papa) Dee Allen - bongos/congas/percussionHarold … Continuar lendo Spirit / Love Is All Around / Train Train (1971) – ERIC BURDON & WAR

Cosmic Slop – FUNKADELIC George Clinton on LSD. Central Park in the 1970s. A Can of film. That was that was needed to make history. Big ups to Doctorc380 for the original post. Reelblack's mission is to educate, elevate, entertain, enlighten, and empower through Black film. If there is content shared on this platform that you feel infringes … Continuar lendo Cosmic Slop – FUNKADELIC

TROKER live @ Tiny Desk Concert Felix Contreras | May 19, 2017 — Mexico City is not known as one of the international jazz capitals of the world. New York, Tokyo — even Havana. But not CDMX (the new abbreviation of Ciudad de Mexico). There is, though, a fairly rich history of jazz in the country, going back to a … Continuar lendo TROKER live @ Tiny Desk Concert

Runaway – NUYORICAN SOUL & INDIA RUNAWAYAs I walk along, I wonderA what went wrong whit our loveA love that was so strongAnd as I still walk onI think of the thing's we've doneTogether, while our hearts were youngI'm a walkin' in the rainTears are fallin' and I feel a painA wishin' you were here by meTo end this miseryAnd … Continuar lendo Runaway – NUYORICAN SOUL & INDIA

I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun – NUYORICAN SOUL & 4HERO Nuyorican Soul is an American music group from New York City, New York. It was formed by Little Louie Vega and Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez. In 1996, the group released "Runaway". The single reached number one on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart and the UK Dance Singles Chart. In 1997, the group released a … Continuar lendo I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun – NUYORICAN SOUL & 4HERO

Word Up – CAMEO

Cameo é um grupo musical de funk, R&B e disco music famoso na década de 1980 e marcado pelo ritmo forte e pelas melodias marcantes. Funk, funk estourou na época nas rádios e bailes. Gravaram o balanço She's Stange e Word Up! que marcaram época. O Korn regravou esta canção mesma canção. Yo pretty … Continuar lendo Word Up – CAMEO

MR. BUNGLE live @ Cattle Club, Sacramento (1991) Hi, happy friday! Here's my Mr. Bungle Cattle Club video. It was so packed at the club that night, and with the cold temperatures outside, the place was humid and steamy. The mirrors on the side of the club had water running down them because of the condensation. Filmed with the old Aiwa CV-80 … Continuar lendo MR. BUNGLE live @ Cattle Club, Sacramento (1991)

Buffalo – STUMP

Listening to an interview with Trey Spruance, who recommended a band named STUMP. From the 1988 album A Fierce Pancake - First time I heard about Stump was in 1990. Mike Patton mentioned A Fierce Pancake as one of his favourite albums of the past year in a 'best of' list in an … Continuar lendo Buffalo – STUMP