Bathroom wall – FASTER PUSSYCAT Saw your number written on the wallSaid for a good time call Call 281-7668Hey baby I can't wait I got your number off the bathroom wallPick up the phone and I start to thinkI get excited when it starts to ringI want you to go or stay If it's good I'll call her everydayI … Continuar lendo Bathroom wall – FASTER PUSSYCAT

Desire – GENE LOVES JEZEBEL Sugar I've been missing youAnd I've been wondering, where it is you're hidingI've been a ball of fire in your arms desireAnd I've been wondering, where it is you're hidingWhat you get is what you seekDesireWhat you get is what you seekDesireHoney, I won't be kissing you'Cause I've been wondering, where it is you're … Continuar lendo Desire – GENE LOVES JEZEBEL

R.I.P. Eddie Van Halen (1955-2020)

Heal it up – CONCRETE BLONDE Feeling the fire under my feetI was a liar, you were a cheatPlaying with knives we were cut close to homeClose to the boneJust so aloneSomething to have, something to holdSomething to share so I've been toldDeep in your eyes you're one hundred years oldCause the years have not been kind to you, you … Continuar lendo Heal it up – CONCRETE BLONDE

Sad and Damned – The Nymphs Sitting in my room, waiting for the sunI hope it comes, I hope it comesI'm sad, I'm damned I need someplaceI gotta get away, I gotta get right out a'hereAnd that's what I saidI'm damned, I'm damned, and I'm so so sadI'm damned, I'm damned, and I'm so so sadI'm damned, I'm damned, and … Continuar lendo Sad and Damned – The Nymphs

Imitating Angels – The Nymphs

The Nymphs are an American alternative rock band that performed in the late 1980s and early 1990s with lead singer Inger Lorre. The band was signed to Geffen Records, and released their debut album in 1991. The Nymphs are known for their wild stage shows and their rebellious attitude towards record companies. The band formed … Continuar lendo Imitating Angels – The Nymphs

Hate everything about you – UGLY KID JOE (Are you the guys on the beach who hate everything?Uugh!Is this some sort of hip music that I don't understand?) I hate the rain and sunny weatherAnd I, I hate beach and mountains too, oh oh(And) I don't like a thing about the city, no, noAnd I, I, I, hate the countryside too! And … Continuar lendo Hate everything about you – UGLY KID JOE

Home sweet home – MÖTLEY CRÜE

To be born is to become exiled in a profound, essential way. One's lifetime amounts to the duration of a return home, back to the original identity (is, am, are) lost in becoming (separation, division, fragmentation, dispersion).The Self is a chez soi from which one is expelled, hindered or altogether unable to turn back inside … Continuar lendo Home sweet home – MÖTLEY CRÜE