Re-Ignition – BAD BRAINS Re-ignition translation beginCosmopolitan reflection well thinWhen our action cause reaction what startsa transmission of a love in one heartRe-ignitionRe-ignitionWe love to make you over standthat this gross sphere is not Jah landApart-outside, who can escapeOur destiny confirmed in fateRe-ignition cancellation can't winNo celesty ever resting beginWhen grace melts inside your hand and my heartIs … Continuar lendo Re-Ignition – BAD BRAINS

BEASTIE BOYS live in Glasgow (1999) You can download Audio from this show here:​ ======================== Setlist: 1. Super Disco Breakin'2. Flute Loop3. Root Down4. Shake Your Rump5. Time for Livin'6. Egg Raid on Mojo7. Gratitude8. Song for the Man9. The Move10. Unite11. Skills to Pay the Bills12. Slow and Low13. Sabrosa14. Lighten Up15. Believe Me16. Tough Guy17. Pass the … Continuar lendo BEASTIE BOYS live in Glasgow (1999)

Gratitude – BEASTIE BOYS Good times gone, and you missed themWhat's gone wrong in your system?Things they bounce like a SpauldingWhat'd you think, did you miss your calling?It's so free, this kind of feelingIt's like life, it's so appealingWhen you've got so much to say it's called gratitudeAnd that's right Good times gone but you feed itHate's grown … Continuar lendo Gratitude – BEASTIE BOYS

Wrong Side Of The Tracks – BIOHAZARD You're a fish out of water on the wrong side of the tracksGather up the boys to come and take your backWe stand all together against the opposedWe'll die for our brethren, that we have choseOn the wrong side of the tracksOn the wrong side of the tracksEscalation, war in the streetsCatch one sucker … Continuar lendo Wrong Side Of The Tracks – BIOHAZARD

Hellfire Stoked (2104) – DEAD AIM

Hellfire Stoked by Dead Aim Wow! I remember sharing the same stage with Dead Aim at Formerly Dominics in Norfolk, Va. in 1983. They were one of the first local bands to mix hardcore with metal, and they were hard as Hell for that time. This is their 4th album- their 1st being the 1985 … Continuar lendo Hellfire Stoked (2104) – DEAD AIM

Annihilation Of Civilization (1989) – EVILDEAD

Evildead foi uma banda de thrash metal estadunidense, composta por membros de duas outras bandas Agent Steel e Abbatoir. Formada em 1987 depois que o guitarrista Juan Garcia e o baixista Mel Sanchez deixaram o Agent Steel com a intenção de fazer músicas mais thrash metal do que as da banda antiga, que possuía um … Continuar lendo Annihilation Of Civilization (1989) – EVILDEAD

Nazi Punks Fuck Off + Raining Blood – DEAD CROSS Nazi Punks Fuck Off & Raining Blood Tease (Fan Jumps With Mike Patton Into Crowd to Surf), Dead Cross, Baltimore Soundstage, Baltimore, Maryland; September 8th, 2017; Summer Tour; Featuring Mike Patton Lead Singer of Faith No More and Dave Lombardo Former Drummer of Slayer

BRUJERÍA live @ Wacken Open Air (2017) Brujeria, the multi national super group of grindcore lovers, let all hell break loose inside Bullhead City Circus. Songs:00:17 Brujerizmo03:13 El Desmadre04:46 Raza Odiada (Pito Wilson)06:59 Colas de Rata09:04 La Migra (Cruza la Frontera II)10:55 Hechando Chingasos (Greñudo Locos II)14:51 Viva Presidente Trump!17:40 Seis Seis Seis19:26 Angel de la Frontera22:57 Satongo26:21 Desperado29:15 Anti-Castro31:51 Marcha … Continuar lendo BRUJERÍA live @ Wacken Open Air (2017)

Matando Gueros – BRUJERÍA

Care for some Mexican HC witchcraft and whatnot? ¡Habla español o muere, guero cabrón! Gabachos nos usanPa´ limpiar sus culosNos pegan al lado del FreewayTengan huevos!!SEAN HOMBRES!! Vamos a un viaje pal´ norteAños pasanY nustra raza se jodeCabrones gabachosNos quieren ver muertosForzados a la pobrezaSiempre somos mayatesTu venganza, sera mi destino oscuro !Matando Gueros! … Continuar lendo Matando Gueros – BRUJERÍA

Skin Of A Redneck – DEAD CROSS Dead Cross "Skin Of A Redneck" from the 2018 release, Dead Cross EP. Get the limited edition 10" and download/stream here: Director / Producer: Kay Otto / clipper-film.comCinematographer: Moritz MoessingerAdditional photography: Jan Ernsting, Isabella Gonzales, Kay OttoEditor: David HortmannColor Grading: Florian SchaeferAnimations: Pascal ReitzThanks to SO36/ Chris Chohan Ubeda Cruz, Optix & Aron … Continuar lendo Skin Of A Redneck – DEAD CROSS