Trevor Dunn talks about the making of Mr. Bungle’s ‘California’ (1999) - August 5, 2017 California, the third and final album by Mr. Bungle, was released on July 13th 1999. It stands today as a fitting end to their almost twenty year long music career together. Arguably their best album, it is a wonderfully imaginative and perfectly produced record including some of the best songs ever... Continuar Lendo →

Trey Spruance on the Music of the Spheres (Musica Universalis)

One of my all-time music idols and inspirational figures way beyond music, Trey Spruance (Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3) talks about the process of composing and his personal approach to music. Excerpt of an interview given to Chilean journalist Gonzalo Frías from Séptimo Vicio (Chile, 2011).

Words of wisdom: music and the business

"Money break groups up like The 5 Heartbeats..." (Wyclef Jean) "It's our responsibility as musicians to keep it fresh, to keep it interesting, and for the most part, musicians don't. They're very willing to conform to whatever is cool and whatever makes money. It sounds mean, but what really I meant was it's our responsibility ... Continuar Lendo →

Jakub Józef Orliński: countertenor and breakdancer 🇵🇱

To all the conservative-reactionary biggots out there who insist in opposing between "higher (erudite) culture" and "lower (popular) culture": Polish countertenor and breakdancer Jakub Józef Orliński. The Sunday Times talks to Jakub Józef Orliński, a breakdancing countertenor from Poland who is singing the title role in Glyndebourne's production of Rinaldo this season. Le... Continuar Lendo →

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