Beautiful cover of “Bella Ciao” in Persian by an Iranian woman أغنية “بيلاشاو” بصوت رائع من إيران

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This is the opening track of the album In the Path of Love: Improvisations on classical Persian and Indian music (2001), by Amir Koushkani and Eyving Kang. Amir Koushkani is an Iranian ethnomusicologist, composer, performer, and instructor of traditional Persian stringed instruments such as the Tar and the Setar. Dr. Koushkani’s training in Persian music began in… Continue lendo AMIR KOUSHKANI & EYVIND KANG – Sufi Invocation


Metal Band ARSAMES Escape From Iran After Being Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison For “Playing Satanic Music”

Metal Injection, August 12, 2020 We were stunned to report, earlier this month, that another metal band has come under charges from the Iranian government. Iranian death metal band Arsames were arrested and sentenced to 15 years in jail for the crime of "being in satanic metal band and being against the Islamic government." Thankfully, they were able to make bail,… Continue lendo Metal Band ARSAMES Escape From Iran After Being Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison For “Playing Satanic Music”

ROOTS REVIVAL – Maramures (fvll concert)

Maramures project was initiated and coordinated by Mehdi Aminian and developed together with Peter Hurley. This project is built on tradition, innovation and improvisations by the 7 musicians from 7 different countries who spent 7 days in the villages in the mountainous area of Maramures and lived the life and music of the villagers there.… Continue lendo ROOTS REVIVAL – Maramures (fvll concert)

ABEER NEHME &MEHDI AMINIAN – Aramaic & Sufi Dialogue (Full Concert)

Aramaic and Sufi experience Abeer Nehme (Arabic: عبير نعمة‎; born 19 May 1980) is a Lebanese singer and a musicologist. She performs traditional Tarab music, Lebanese traditional music, Rahbani music, and sacred music from the Syriac-Maronite, Syriac-Orthodox, and Byzantine traditions. This project aims at showing the richness of our heritage and promoting dialogue among… Continue lendo ABEER NEHME &MEHDI AMINIAN – Aramaic & Sufi Dialogue (Full Concert)

JULIA OHRMANN & MEHDI AMINIAN – Call of the Winds (Persian Ney & Indian Bansuri) Julia Ohrmann: BansuriMehdi Aminian: Ney, Setar, VocalsSudhir Bunda: Tabla March 2017Bucharest, Romania To find out more of Roots Revival projects visit:… This creation is trying to demonstrate common musical roots of Persia and India through the medium of two wind instruments, the Bansuri (India) and the Ney (Iran), played by Julia Ohrmann and Mehdi… Continue lendo JULIA OHRMANN & MEHDI AMINIAN – Call of the Winds (Persian Ney & Indian Bansuri)


Quieter Than Silence - A Roots Revival Project in collaboration with creative arts. November 11, 2017 tour & Album launching Mehdi Aminian: Ney, Setar, Vocals (Iran)Mohamad Zatari: Oud (Syria)Leila Soldevila: Double Bass (France)Behnam Masoumi: Tombak & Percussion (Iran) We would welcome your support & donations to make the next projects of Roots Revival possible:… Continue lendo Quieter Than Silence – MEHDI AMINIAN & MOHAMAD ZATARI

RASTAK – Kamarey (based on a Kurdish song) | کمری – بر اساس یک ترانه کردی

About "Kamarey": when we were looking for a song and songwriter in Kurdish music of the '60s, "Heshmat Lornejad" 's name popped out. His memorable voice undoubtedly shines like a star in Kurdish music. "Kamarey" is one of his long-lasting masterpieces. We decided to recreate this melody because of its familiar rhythm. The rhythm always… Continue lendo RASTAK – Kamarey (based on a Kurdish song) | کمری – بر اساس یک ترانه کردی

RASTAK – Sornaye Norooz (album)

Rastak Music Group is an Iranian contemporary folk music ensemble that was formed as an experimental music group in 1997. Rastak seeks to collect, record and interpret Persian Folk Music for a global audience. Rastak incorporates Persian language, Iranian culture and history as well as merge traditional instruments and forms with contemporary rhythms. Rastak has… Continue lendo RASTAK – Sornaye Norooz (album)

RASTAK- Botorai (Iranian Folk Song from Kurdistan) ''Botorai'', released in the album: Among Eternal SunsYou can get ''Among Eternal Suns'' here:iTunes:…Beeptunes: Band Director & Tar player: Siamak SepehriVocalist & Divan player: Farzad MoradiVocalist, Tombak & Dayereh player: Behzad MoradiOud: Akbar EsmailipourQanun: Saba JamaliDozaleh: Hamed Boland HemmatKamancheh: Mohammad MazhariAlto Kamancheh: Dina DoostiDouble Bass: Sepehr SaadatiBass Qeychak: Bita GhasemiDaf: Negar EzaziDaf:… Continue lendo RASTAK- Botorai (Iranian Folk Song from Kurdistan)