Jamaican artist Roy Ellis, aka Mr. Symarip, sold over 7.000.000 copies of his classic Skinhead Moonstomp album up to date since 1969 on Trojan Records and still kicking. The most sueccessfull jamaican foundation artist alive, since he came back to the stages in 2006 he has released 6 albums in 3 different continents and played… Continue lendo ROY (MR. SYMARIP) ELLIS & THE MOONSTOMPERS – Live @ Skamouth (2015)

MAX ROMEO – Chase The Devil (Benny Page Remix) Lucifer son of the mourning, I'm gonna chase you out of earth!I'm gonna put on a iron shirt, and chase Satan out of earthI'm gonna put on a iron shirt, and chase the devil out of earthI'm gonna send him to outta space, to find another raceI'm gonna send him to outta space, to… Continue lendo MAX ROMEO – Chase The Devil (Benny Page Remix)

HEMPRESS SATIVA – Live @ Rototom Sunsplash

Kerida Shushana Johnson (born 15 July 1984), known professionally as Hempress Sativa, is a contemporary reggae singer and songwriter from Jamaica. Her music aligns with the roots reggae tradition with variants of hip hop, afrobeats and R&B. Hempress Sativa Performing Live at Rototom Sunsplash on the Main Stage August 17,2017 in Benicasim, Spain

They call it madness – PRINCE BUSTER Madness, madness, they call it madnessMadness, madness, they call it madnessIt's plain to see, that is what they mean to meMadness, madness I call it gladnessMadness, madness, they call it madnessBut if this is madnessMan, I know I'm filled with gladnessIt's gonna be rougher, rough, it's gonna be tougher, toughAnd I won't be the… Continue lendo They call it madness – PRINCE BUSTER

I don’t want to dance – WINSTON GROOVY I don’t want to danceDance with you baby no moreI’ll never do something to hurt you, thoughOh but the feeling is badThe feeling is bad I love your personalityBut I don’t want our love on showSometimes I think it’s insanityGirl the way you go With all of the guys on the cornerOh baby, you’re… Continue lendo I don’t want to dance – WINSTON GROOVY

Girlie Girlie – SOPHIA GEORGE Young man you too girlie girlieYou jus a flash it round the worldieYoung man you too girlie girlieYou jus a flash it round the worldie.Him have one up hereOne down thereOne in HannoverOne down a vere.One she's a lawyerOne she's a doctorOne wen dem work with a little contractor.One down a eastOne down a… Continue lendo Girlie Girlie – SOPHIA GEORGE

HEMPRESS SATIVA & THE UNCONQUEREBELS – Live in Paris Hempress Sativa Live Performance with her band the Unconquerebels in Paris (April 2018) (Boom Wah Da Da Deng) Buy, Stream or Download : (Rock It Ina Dance) Buy, Stream or Download: Video Shot By: Noswil Prod 🙏🏿 http://Www.// Venue: “La Palace” Paris France 🇫🇷

Boom [Wah Da Da Deng] – PAOLO BALDINI & HEMPRESS SATIVA Well in come di UnconquerebelYuh HighnessHempress SativaDi lyrical machineWhen di Lioness Roars no dog barkKick it off Wah dada dengDada dada dengHempress Sativa pan di MicAnd ago rip it up againWatch YahWah dada dengDada dada dengA J.O.E a run di placeYuh know wi naw beg nuh frenKetch itWah dada dengDada dada dengAny lyrics weh… Continue lendo Boom [Wah Da Da Deng] – PAOLO BALDINI & HEMPRESS SATIVA


Fya bun! All hail the hempress! Ooh lala laaaIs the way that we rockWhen we doing our thingOoh lala laaaIs the natural highThat the Hempress a bringOoh lalalaa lalalaaLa lalala lalala laaaOoh lalalaa lalalaaLa lalala lalala laaaThe real thing Ooh laa lala laa laaEssence emote through the nostrilAs I steam ACoconut chaliceCutchie Of SensimellaStrictly… Continue lendo Ooh LaLaLA – HEMPRESS SATIVA