JOHN ZORN – The Dreamers (live @ Moers Festival, 2006)

The Dreamers is an album by John Zorn released in 2008 featuring performances by a band which would later become known as The Dreamers. It is viewed as continuation of the Music Romance tradition expressed on his 2001 album The Gift. The Moers Festival is an annual international music festival in Moers, Germany. The festival… Continue lendo JOHN ZORN – The Dreamers (live @ Moers Festival, 2006)


EMMET COHEN, GILAD HEKSELMAN & OBED CALVAIRE – Live from Emmet’s Place vol. 90

Emmet Cohen (born May 20, 1990) is a jazz pianist/composer from the U.S.A.. Originally from Miami Florda, he now lives in New York City. He leads his own band the Emmet Cohen Trio which consists of himself, Russell Hall on Bass and either Kyle Poole or Evan Sherman on drums. Emmet has played with many… Continue lendo EMMET COHEN, GILAD HEKSELMAN & OBED CALVAIRE – Live from Emmet’s Place vol. 90

CYRO BAPTISTA – Solos: The Jazz Sessions Brazilian percussionist Cyro Baptista performs on SOLOS: the jazz sessions. Visit: YouTube channel: beautifulnoise08

Morre Chick Corea, pianista e um visionário do jazz americano

Morreu o pianista, teclista e lenda da música jazz Chick Corea. Tinha 79 anos e foi vítima de um cancro raro e tardiamente descoberto. "O mundo precisa de mais artistas", disse antes de morrer. OBSERVADOR.PT, 11/02/2021 Morreu Chick Corea, um dos mais importantes pianistas e teclistas da história do jazz norte-americano. O músico, ocasionalmente também… Continue lendo Morre Chick Corea, pianista e um visionário do jazz americano

QUEBRANDO TUDO – Hermeto Pascoal documentary

Quebrando tudo ("Breaking it all") sets off from the uniquely talented Hermeto Paschoal to talk about music, creativity, and artistic education. It features rich expressions of current and historical Brazilian instruments and instrumental music, from choro ("weep") to samba, through jazz and classical instrumental music. It also features the encounter of Hermeto and Elis Regina… Continue lendo QUEBRANDO TUDO – Hermeto Pascoal documentary

TROKER live @ Tiny Desk Concert Felix Contreras | May 19, 2017 — Mexico City is not known as one of the international jazz capitals of the world. New York, Tokyo — even Havana. But not CDMX (the new abbreviation of Ciudad de Mexico). There is, though, a fairly rich history of jazz in the country, going back to a… Continue lendo TROKER live @ Tiny Desk Concert

JOHN ZORN – Jazz in Marciac (2010) This is some golden footage here... Pro-shot by Mezzo and the Jazz in Marciac Team. Some of the top musicians in the field. John Zorn - direction, saxophoneMarc Ribot - guitarJamie Saft - piano, orgueTrevor Dunn - bassKenny Wollesen - vibraphoneJoey Baron - drumsCyro Baptista - percussion

AZIZA MUSTAFA ZADEH’s Concert in Munich (1994) At the Philharmonie in Munich in 1994, the Azerbaijani musician Aziza Mustafa performed a selection of jazz standards and well as own compositions when she was 25 years old. 0:15 Always4:55 Quiet Alone 9:52 Mon Vagilim Giziyam16:45 Oriental Fantasy23:22 Antônio Carlos Jobim - Black Orpheus31:40 Heartbeat37:30 Gachma Gözal43:52 Billie Holiday - Don't Explain51:45 Inspiration57:34… Continue lendo AZIZA MUSTAFA ZADEH’s Concert in Munich (1994)

Clara Crocodilo (1980) – Arrigo Barnabé

Surgido no clima efervescente da música paulista nos anos 80, Clara Crocodilo é uma usina sonora que mistura música erudita contemporânea de vanguarda, dodecafonismo, pop e rock pesado. Ao mesmo tempo, é uma "ópera pop" cujo pano de fundo é a vida degradada nas cidades. Acompanhado da banda Sabor de Veneno e gravado de forma… Continue lendo Clara Crocodilo (1980) – Arrigo Barnabé