DJANGO REINHARDT – Sultan of Swing [fvll albvm] (1936-53)

Jean Reinhardt (23 January 1910 – 16 May 1953), known by his Romani nickname Django (French: [dʒãŋɡo ʁɛjnaʁt] or [dʒɑ̃ɡo ʁenɑʁt]), was a Romani-French jazz guitarist and composer. He was one of the first major jazz talents to emerge in Europe and has been hailed as one of its most significant exponents. Before he had… Continue lendo DJANGO REINHARDT – Sultan of Swing [fvll albvm] (1936-53)


Les Fils du Vent (2012): Moreno, Tchavolo, Debarre, Ninine

They hold a "travel permit" instead of an identity card; they are free, poignant and brotherly. They are the "Brothers of the Wind" as filmed by Bruno Le Jean in a music documentary: Angelo Debarre, Ninine Garcia, Tchavolo Schmitt and Moreno. Django-style swing permanently caresses their guitars. It is not so much the concerts that… Continue lendo Les Fils du Vent (2012): Moreno, Tchavolo, Debarre, Ninine

DJANGO REINHARDT GROUP – Jazzwoche Burghausen (2003) CloudsFloraSwing GitanMelodie Au CrepuscleThe Lady Is a TrampThere Will Never Be Another YouCherokeeThe Fair Haired Child (solo Martin Taylor)Moose the Mooch (solo Martin Taylor)DjangologyLady Be GoodThe There Eyes Angelo Debarre - guitarLudovic Beier - accordionBrian Torff - bassSteve Demeter - guitarMartin Taylor - guitar (8-12)Florin Niculescu - violin (4-7, 10-12)Gerry Niewood - alto sax… Continue lendo DJANGO REINHARDT GROUP – Jazzwoche Burghausen (2003)

Thomas Dutronc Manoir de Mes Rêves – ANGELO DeBARRE Angelo Debarre réunit ses amis pour un hommage à la culture des gens du voyage. Depuis Django Reinhardt, dont on fête les 100 ans, et jusqu'à aujourd'hui, cette musique riche fait vibrer plusieurs générations. Sa force est de toujours se réinventer. Ce bel hommage prend place autour du "feu de bois", dans un décor… Continue lendo Thomas Dutronc Manoir de Mes Rêves – ANGELO DeBARRE

DJANGO REINHARDT: Three-Fingered Lightning Uniquely, Django Reinhardt fits several simultaneous archetypes. He is the streetwise kid turned celebrity. He is the miraculous surivor of an accident who went on to overcome his handicap. He is the illiterate who used musical notes as a universal language. He is the whimsical musician who defied every setback. Django was already a… Continue lendo DJANGO REINHARDT: Three-Fingered Lightning

Minor Swing, Les Yeux Noirs, Nuages & more: Best of DJANGO REINHARDT Dinah : 00:00Sweet Sue : 02:40Blue Drag : 05:39Limehouse Blues : 08:35Charleston : 11:24The Sheik of Araby : 14:19St. Louis Blues : 17:29Minor Swing (1937) : 20:18My Serenade : 23:38Night and Day : 26:44Sweet Georgia Brown : 29:28Honeysuckle Rose : 32:38Black and White : 35:34Appel indirect : 38:41Improvisation N°2 : 41:42Swing 39 : 44:26I'll… Continue lendo Minor Swing, Les Yeux Noirs, Nuages & more: Best of DJANGO REINHARDT

RED BARAAT – NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert Bob Boilen | March 13, 2017 — Red Baraat's fusion of bhangra, go-go, hip-hop and jazz is driven by frontman Sunny Jain's percolating playing of the dhol, a double-sided drum which forms the rhythmic lattice of support for their boisterous horns and guitar. And though Red Baraat graced the Tiny Desk five years ago,… Continue lendo RED BARAAT – NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Les Yeux Noirs – Pomplamoose ft. The Vignes Rooftop Revival (Django Reinhardt cover) Dans tes grands yeux noirs Je me suis perdu J'attends un regard Le coeur suspendu Je t'aime tellement fort Toi qui me fais si peur Est ce un mauvais sort Ou la mauvaise heure Et autour de nous Chantent les tziganes Tout le monde s'en fout S'enivre au champagne Dans tes beaux yeux noirs… Continue lendo Les Yeux Noirs – Pomplamoose ft. The Vignes Rooftop Revival (Django Reinhardt cover)