Daniel Johnston (1961–2019) foi um cantor, compositor, músico e artista norte-americano. Johnston teve sua vida narrada no documentário The Devil and Daniel Johnston de 2006, que venceu o prémio da crítica do festival NatFilm. Foi diagnosticado a Daniel transtorno bipolar e esquizofrenia, que foi um problema ao longo da sua vida. Seu álbum mais notório … Continuar lendo Never Relaxed – DANIEL JOHNSTON

How Sad How Lovely (live) – MIKE PATTON & URI CAINE

FORGOTTEN SONGS - Modena 26/05/2018 Born August 3, 1924, disappeared August 1974, known professionally as Connie Converse, was an American singer-songwriter and musician, active in New York City in the 1950s. Her work is among the earliest known recordings of the singer-songwriter genre of music. Converse left her family home in 1974 in search … Continuar lendo How Sad How Lovely (live) – MIKE PATTON & URI CAINE

Russian ballerina – Chinawoman It takes ten years just to get Your stinking leg up Then five more to make it Not look like shit Soviet children form a crowd Sized and tested Who will be a star Hero of passion of whom they'll say She took her final breath in grand plie O! My mother! Russian Ballerina! … Continuar lendo Russian ballerina – Chinawoman

Party girl – Chinawoman It doesn't matter what you create If you have no fun Pretty girl, put down your pen Come over here I'll show you how it's done I can dance I can drink In the dark It's all a trick Across the room Across the street I'm in the moment Can't you see I'm a … Continuar lendo Party girl – Chinawoman

Show me the face – Chinawoman Show me the face* Of the one I'll love Cause I've run out Of preconceived notions Show me the face Of the one I'll love Cause I've satisfied All my preconceived notions Show me the face Show me the face Show me the face That could break my heart next All of the ones I … Continuar lendo Show me the face – Chinawoman