William Shatner (call him Bill), such a common guy... She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledgeShe studied sculpture at Saint Martin’s College,That’s where ICaught her eye. She told me that her dad was loadedI said, “In that case I’ll have a rum and coca-cola.”She said, “Fine,”And in thirty seconds timeShe said,… Continue lendo Common People – WILLIAM SHATNER

Don’t Call Me White – NOFX Don't call me white, don't call me whiteDon't call me white, don't call me whiteThe connotations wearing my nerves thinCould it be semantics generating the mess we're in?I understand that language breeds stereotypeBut what's the explanation for the malice, for the spite?Don't call me white, don't call me whiteDon't call me white, don't call… Continue lendo Don’t Call Me White – NOFX

Rolodex Propaganda (live) – AT THE DRIVE-IN

Watch At The Drive In perform Rolodex Propaganda on Later back in 2000. Pinch historyFeel the pinch blisteringPinch me in my dreams'Cause I'm still not listeningX marks the spotOn your calendar daysA beard half eatenSmiledCrawling with legsTemper tempered temperature Manuscript replicaIn infrared is how we sawThe night that lit upScarecrow plotsThe nerve that pinchesCrippled… Continue lendo Rolodex Propaganda (live) – AT THE DRIVE-IN

The Longest Line – NOFX

At the end of the longest lineThat's where I will always beIf you need to find me, just go toThe end of the longest line. In the darkest tunnel, it's nice to see a lightNot just a headlightLike the one that's heading right for me.It would be nice if things could turn out rightTurn… Continue lendo The Longest Line – NOFX

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me – ME FIRST & THE GIMME GIMMES I can't light no more of your darknessAll my pictures seem to fade to black and whiteI'm growing tired and time stands still before meFrozen here on the ladder of my life Too late to save myself from fallingI took a chance and changed your way of lifeBut you misread my meaning when I… Continue lendo Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me – ME FIRST & THE GIMME GIMMES

Losers Of The Year – PINHEAD GUNPOWDER Well I'm thinking about all the losersWho showed up to make this sceneWhere did they go when things didn't work out,When they burned out on the streets?And I'm wondering where I could find the peopleWho left me behindTo wander these streets so all alone Cuz these old streets I'm still wandering downAnd I'm wondering… Continue lendo Losers Of The Year – PINHEAD GUNPOWDER

Jump Salty (1994) – PINHEAD GUNPOWDER

Passei minhas adolescência, nos anos 90, fissurado em punk rock e hardcore melódico californiano, de NOFX a Green Day. Pinhead Gunpowder é a banda de punk rock de Billy Joe Armstrong paralelamente ao Green Day. O álbum deles, "Jump salty" (Lookout Records, 1994), fazia minha cabeça mais do que qualquer outro, exceção feita talvez a… Continue lendo Jump Salty (1994) – PINHEAD GUNPOWDER

The Kids Aren’t Alright – THE OFFSPRING

"A molecada não tá legal". Quando The Offpring lançou este single, o problema da molecada era matar aula para jogar bola, fumar maconha ou brigar, enfim, pra não fazer nada "útil" da vida. Seriam "ratés", pra falar como Cioran, existências perfeitamente fracassadas ou irrealizadas, em todo caso, o arquétipo do zé-ninguém (miserável, desafortunado, desempregado, desocupado,… Continue lendo The Kids Aren’t Alright – THE OFFSPRING

I don’t want to dance – SKIN OF TEARS I don’t want to danceDance with you baby no moreI’ll never do something to hurt you, thoughOh but the feeling is badThe feeling is bad I love your personalityBut I don’t want our love on showSometimes I think it’s insanityGirl the way you go With all of the guys on the cornerOh baby, you’re… Continue lendo I don’t want to dance – SKIN OF TEARS

Mulher de fases – Raimundos

Uma das faixas mais "ramonescas" do Raimundos (cujo "ramonismo" se exprime até pelo nome da banda). Riffs ramonescos! Que mulher ruim Jogou minhas coisas fora Disse que em sua cama eu não deito mais não A casa é minha, você que vá embora Já pra saia da sua mãe e deixa meu colchão Ela… Continue lendo Mulher de fases – Raimundos