PLACEBO – Surrounded by Spies

Taken from Placebo's forthcoming album 'Never Let Me Go' - out March 25, 2022. Pre-order available now: Tickets now on sale for our 2022 UK & European headline tour: -- CREDITS -- Creative Director: Phil LeeVideo Director: Gregg HoustonCreative Projects Manager: Sarah Elizabeth TuckerDOP: Jed Darlington Roberts1st AC: Luke Chambers2nd AC: Will… Continue lendo PLACEBO – Surrounded by Spies


PLACEBO – Surrounded by Spies I saw you jump from a burning buildingI saw you jump from a burning buildingI’ve seen you move like Elvis set on fireI’ve seen you move like Elvis set on fireThis search for meaning is killing meThis search for meaning is killing meThis search for meaning is killing meThis search for meaning Ping pong… Continue lendo PLACEBO – Surrounded by Spies

MARÍLIA MENDONÇA – Infiel Isso não é uma disputaEu não quero te provocarDescobri faz um ano e tô te procurando pra dizerHoje a farsa vai acabar Hoje não tem hora de ir emboraHoje ele vai ficarNo momento deve estar feliz e achando que ganhouNão perdi nada, acabei de me livrar Com certeza ele vai atrás, mas com outra… Continue lendo MARÍLIA MENDONÇA – Infiel

LOS HERMANOS – Todo Carnaval Tem Seu Fim Todo dia um ninguém José acorda já deitadoTodo dia, ainda de pé, o zé dorme acordadoTodo dia o dia não quer raiar o sol do diaToda trilha andada com fé de quem crê no ditadoDe que o dia insiste em nascerMas o dia insiste em nascerPra ver deitar o novoToda rosa é rosa porque… Continue lendo LOS HERMANOS – Todo Carnaval Tem Seu Fim

TRACY CHAPMAN – Change (live)

Tracy Chapman performs Change live for a charity event in New York, 2005. If you knew that you would die todayIf you saw the face of God and LoveWould you change?Would you change?If you knew that love can break your heartWhen you’re down so low you cannot fallWould you change?Would you change? How bad… Continue lendo TRACY CHAPMAN – Change (live)


The music was originally intended for the Koyaanisqatsi film. The visual montage it accompanied consisted of scenes from New York’s Wall Street on a Sunday morning. 2 soprano sax, viola, cello; synthesizer doubles va/vc. Music composed by Philip Glass.


Mahamadou Souleymane (born c. 1984 or 1986), known professionally as Mdou Moctar (also M.dou Mouktar), is a Tuareg songwriter and musician based in Agadez, Niger who performs modern adaptations of Tuareg guitar music. He first gained notice through a trading network of cellphones and memory cards in West Africa. He has released five solo albums… Continue lendo MDOU MOCTAR – Live on KEXP

LORNA SHORE – And I Return To Nothingness

Lorna Shore is an American deathcore band from Warren County, New Jersey. Formed in 2010, the group currently consists of lead guitarist Adam De Micco, drummer Austin Archey, rhythm guitarist Andrew O'Connor, and vocalist Will Ramos. They have released three EPs and released their debut album Psalms in June 2015 and their second album Flesh… Continue lendo LORNA SHORE – And I Return To Nothingness


Rolo Tomassi - "Empiresk". Track taken from the album Astraea (2012). Live Session with CutLoosetv, a music channel handpicking the finest alternative bands around. CutLoosetv is a venture of the collective Cut Loose Promotions based in Glasgow, Scotland. This channel is dedicated to showcasing the most exciting alternative emerging acts around in a new and… Continue lendo ROLO TOMASSI – Empiresk

FICTION FACTORY – Feels Like Heaven (live @ Top Of The Pops 1984)

Fiction Factory foi uma banda escocesa de new wave formada na cidade de Perth, em 1983. O single de estréia da banda, "(Feels Like) Heaven" alcançou o Top 10 da parada britânica. A banda encerrou as atividades em 1987, após o lançamento do segundo álbum, mas Patterson, Medley, McGregor and Jordan se reuniram em 2011… Continue lendo FICTION FACTORY – Feels Like Heaven (live @ Top Of The Pops 1984)