Steel Panther is an American satyrical glam metal band from Los Angeles, California. They are known for their profane and humorous lyrics as well as their exaggerated onstage pastiche of the stereotypical glam metal lifestyle. Appetite for destructionBlowing us all awayPoison looking so damned goodI wondered if I was gayWhitesnake making us bang our… Continue lendo STEEL PANTHER – 1987



Extrait du concert au Rock in Opposition à Cap Découverte, Maison de la Musique, le 17 Septembre 2010. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (SGM) was an American experimental rock band, formed in 1999 in Oakland, California. They fused classical, industrial, and art-rock themes throughout their music. They were known to perform elaborate routines on stage and… Continue lendo SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM – Live au R.I.O. 2010

Botswana Headbangers Rock Out at Metal Mania Fest | Wall Street Journal Metal Mania Fest, an annual music festival in Ghanzi, Botswana, brings out the country's hardcore headbangers, who dress up in leather and rock out to local bands. Photo: Charlie Shoemaker for The Wall Street Journal

The global rise of afro house music | DW Documentary

They only need three things to make a club hit: talent, headphones, and a laptop. All across Africa, accomplished DJs are taking the continent by storm and inspiring international artists to venture into the world of afro house. In South Africa, electronic dance music is pop music. Afro house is everywhere – it resounds… Continue lendo The global rise of afro house music | DW Documentary

CROSSFAITH – Leviathan (live @ Blare Fest 2020)

Crossfaith (Japanese: クロスフェイス) is a Japanese metalcore band from Osaka that was formed in 2006. Since its formation, the band has retained the same line-up with no member changes, which currently consists of vocalist Kenta Koie, guitarist Kazuki Takemura, bassist Hiroki Ikegawa, drummer Tatsuya Amano and keyboardist Terufumi Tamano. They are characterized by performing a… Continue lendo CROSSFAITH – Leviathan (live @ Blare Fest 2020)

FAITH NO MORE – Easy + The Gentle Art of Making Enemies (live @ SWU Brazil 2011)

Happy birthday, fucker!You blow that candle outAnd all you need is just one more excuseYou put up one hell of a fightI wanna hear your very best excuseI never felt this much alive! Faith No More plays the medley "Easy" + "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies" at the SWU Festival (Paulínia - SP, Brazil,… Continue lendo FAITH NO MORE – Easy + The Gentle Art of Making Enemies (live @ SWU Brazil 2011)

BJÖRK – MEDULLA ANNIVERSARY VIDEO (feat. Mike Patton & Rahzel)

A short compilation video made for the anniversary of Björk's Medúlla (released August 31 2004), which highlights her collaboration with Mike Patton and Rahzel for the album. The footage used to create this short video was taken from "The Inner or Deep Part of an Animal or Plant Structure", the official DVD released by… Continue lendo BJÖRK – MEDULLA ANNIVERSARY VIDEO (feat. Mike Patton & Rahzel)

To Rome With Love (Woody Allen) – Shower Opera scene

To Rome with Love is a 2012 magical realist romantic comedy film written, directed by and co-starring Woody Allen in his first acting appearance since 2006, as well as his most recent appearance in a film he's directed. The film is set in Rome, Italy; it was released in Italian theaters on April 13, 2012,… Continue lendo To Rome With Love (Woody Allen) – Shower Opera scene

OPERATION “THROAT CAMERA”: Lorna Shore’s Will Ramos scoped while he performs harsh vocals!

Will Ramos + The Charismatic Voice + Doctors & Cameras = EPIC RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES! We brought Will Ramos out to Utah to find out physiologically what's happening in his larynx while he's making the deep gutterals, screamingly high goblins, tuvan throat singing and everything else in his repertoire. Thank you to Dr. Ingo Titze… Continue lendo OPERATION “THROAT CAMERA”: Lorna Shore’s Will Ramos scoped while he performs harsh vocals!

Why Rammstein is so controversial | DW History and Culture

​@RammsteinOfficial is Germany's biggest rock export, tough, loud and provocative. We take a closer look at the legendary band that formed in 1994 around @TillLindemann_official and gets to grips with its shock rock aesthetics and lyrics. On this episode of Arts Unveiled we find out the secret to the stellar international success of German… Continue lendo Why Rammstein is so controversial | DW History and Culture