CHICK COREA ELEKTRIC BAND – Live at Lugano Estival Jazz (2003)

Chick Corea Elektric Band was a jazz fusion band, led by keyboardist and pianist Chick Corea and founded in 1986 in New York City. The band was nominated twice at the Grammy Awards. The sixth band album, a tribute one named Chick Corea Elektric Band II - Paint the World and released in 1993, received… Continue lendo CHICK COREA ELEKTRIC BAND – Live at Lugano Estival Jazz (2003)


PLACEBO & JUSTIN WARFIELD – Spite & Malice (Reading Festival 2000)

From Placebo's Black Market Music (2000). Revolution, dope, guns, fucking in the streetsRevolution, dope, guns, fucking in the streetsAces take your timeQueens are left for deadJacks can stand in lineAnd touch themselves insteadAces take your pityAnd keep it warm in bedAces take your timeCut the deckThe queens left for deadSoft and wet, scarf tied… Continue lendo PLACEBO & JUSTIN WARFIELD – Spite & Malice (Reading Festival 2000)

Burning Man & The Wealthy Hobby Of Cosplaying Poverty | The Financial Diet

In this video, Chelsea dives into the dark world of Burning Man, and why it's not the anti-capitalist utopia Burners have long dreamed of it being.

ALICE MERTON – Hit the Ground Running (live)

Alive Merton. PULS Open Air 2017. Hit the groundHit the ground running It's a one way street with an open endAnd you never know what lies aheadBut I always knew that this was itThe signs were litOh, I always knew I'm gonna hit the ground runningHit the ground runningOnly waiting for the marching drumsI'll… Continue lendo ALICE MERTON – Hit the Ground Running (live)

Ravers Vs. Putin: Ukraine’s Wartime Festival

"A tutti quelli che stanno scappando" (To all those who are running away). In the 1992 award-winning Italian film, Mediterraneo (dir. by Gabriele Salvatores), a group of Italian soldiers decide to turn their backs on WWII to live happily on a paradisical Greek island in the Aegean Sea. The film reminds us of what's going on in Ukraine.… Continue lendo Ravers Vs. Putin: Ukraine’s Wartime Festival

SKATALITES – Live @ Rototom Sunsplash 2022

Rototom Sunsplash is a large European reggae festival which takes place every summer at Benicàssim, a few miles north of Valencia in Spain. The Skatalites are a ska band from Jamaica. They played initially between 1963 and 1965, and recorded many of their best known songs in the period, including "Guns of Navarone." They also… Continue lendo SKATALITES – Live @ Rototom Sunsplash 2022

JOHN ZORN’S BAR KOKHBA SEXTET – Live @ Warsaw Summer Jazz Days (1999)

John Zorn's Bar Kokhba Sextet live @ Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, Sala Kongresowa, Warsaw, Poland June 25 1999 SET LIST: Intro Lilin Khebar Karet Eitan Teli Kisofim Jachin Kol Nidre Gevurah Bar Kokhba Sextet: Mark Feldman: violinErik Friedlander: celloMarc Ribot: guitarGreg Cohen: bassJoey Baron: drumsCyro Baptista: percussionJohn Zorn: conductor

FAITH NO MORE – Epic (Live @ Pinkpop Festival 2015)

From Faith No More's 1989 album The Real Thing. Can you feel it, see it, hear it today?If you can't, then it doesn't matter anywayYou will never understand it cuz it happens too fastAnd it feels so good, it's like walking on glassIt's so cool, it's so hip, it's alrightIt's so groovy, it's outta… Continue lendo FAITH NO MORE – Epic (Live @ Pinkpop Festival 2015)

DIMMU BORGIR & ORCHESTRA – Live @ Wacken Open Air (2012)

Dimmu Borgir is a Norwegian symphonic black metal band from Jessheim, formed in 1993. The name is derived from Dimmuborgir, a volcanic formation in Iceland, the name of which means "dark cities" or "dark castles/fortresses" in Icelandic, Faroese and Old Norse. The band has been through numerous lineup changes over the years; vocalist Shagrath and… Continue lendo DIMMU BORGIR & ORCHESTRA – Live @ Wacken Open Air (2012)


Oswaldo Montenegro (1956-) is a Brazilian musician from Rio de Janeiro. Parallel to his career as a singer, Montenegro has composed soundtracks for theater plays, ballets, cinema, and television. Oswaldo Montenegro performs "Agonia" [Agony], after being announced the winner of the MPB Festival 1980. Se fosse resolver iria te dizer foi minha agoniaSe eu… Continue lendo OSWALDO MONTENEGRO – Agonia (1980)