Transformaciones musicales. El piano del romanticismo al siglo XX – RAQUEL ALLER ¿Quieres percibir con tu oído cómo se va transformando la música desde el siglo XIX hasta el siglo XX? Lo hacemos comenzando con la música para piano de Liszt, pasando por el impresionismo de Debussy y llegando hasta Messiaen y al jazz de Bill Evans. Escuchamos también a Prokofiev y Bartók y vemos cómo… Continue lendo Transformaciones musicales. El piano del romanticismo al siglo XX – RAQUEL ALLER

El mal en la Música: infiernos, diablos y brujas – RAQUEL ALLER

"Mi contra fa diabolus est in musica". La música es un arte, ¿tiene cabida el mal? Infiernos, diablos, demonios, aquelarres de brujas... desfilarán sin pudor por este vídeo. También hablaré del Dies Irae... y específicamente del tritono y la historia del Diabolus in Musica, para aclarar qué se puede probar acerca de esta historia que siempre… Continue lendo El mal en la Música: infiernos, diablos y brujas – RAQUEL ALLER

What is that WEIRD rhythm in Stromae’s Santé? – Adam NEELY

All right, what IS that rhythm? Also, answering other music theory questions! 🧠 Get CuriosityStream and Nebula for 42% off! Stromae - Santé Victor Wooten: Music Theory is SIMPLE!

The Saddest Concerto Of All Time – DAVID BRUCE

Concertos aren't particularly well known for being sad, so in this video I talk about a piece I think is probably the Saddest Concerto ever written. I explain how it flips the norms of the concerto genre.

Rediscovering Ancient Greek Music: A performance reconstructs the past

Music was ubiquitous in Ancient Greece. Now we can hear how it actually sounded. A short documentary directed by Mike Tomlinson. Much of what we think of as Ancient Greek poetry, including Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, was composed to be sung, frequently with the accompaniment of musical instruments. And while the Greeks left modern… Continue lendo Rediscovering Ancient Greek Music: A performance reconstructs the past

The Spiritual Relevance of Singing – ALAN WATTS

Now, when you have got absorbed in sound, where were you? This would be called a state of consciousness where we have a primitive form of samadhi. That is to say, we are happily absorbed in what we are doing and we have forgotten about ourselves. You can’t very well do that and worry or… Continue lendo The Spiritual Relevance of Singing – ALAN WATTS

TIM SMOLENS – Doo-Wop lesson (“Hold Me Forever”)

In December 2020 Tim Smolens was hired by a "stranger," Nick Harvey from England, to write doo-wop vocals for a song that he wrote for his wife as a Christmas present. Here is a doo-wop vocal lesson that Tim gives about how he approached the tedious process and hear it get built from the ground… Continue lendo TIM SMOLENS – Doo-Wop lesson (“Hold Me Forever”)

Songs that use 7/4 time – David Bennett

7/4 time is perhaps my favourite odd time signature, and it certainly doesn't get enough usage in popular music! Today we're taking a look at six song that do use this brilliantly uneven metre, plus, if you hang around to the end, you may even hear what Frère Jacques would sound like if it was… Continue lendo Songs that use 7/4 time – David Bennett

TIM SMOLENS – How to Count Rhythms in 7

Tim Smolens from High Castle Teleorkestra, Estradaphere, and I.S.S. explains how to count in the odd meter of 7/8 and/or 7/4. He goes through numerous examples and demonstrates strategies for musicians to count it at different tempos and feel the rhythm internally.


"A soundscape is any collection of sounds, almost like a painting is a collection of visual attractions," says composer R. Murray Schafer. "When you listen carefully to the soundscape it becomes quite miraculous." David New's portrait of the renowned composer becomes a lesson unto itself, gracing viewers (and listeners) with a singular moment of interactive… Continue lendo R. MURRAY SCHAFER: Listen