Nobody knows I’m here (2020) – Carlos Cabezas Here i've come, I wont be long just to ask, what you should know there is this land down below no hope in my soul there is no feeling this world's too cold Here I lie and watch the stars feel I'm dreaming all my life here is the love I've forgot my heart's... Continuar Lendo →

Lamento as Águas (Lament of the Waters) – Mateus Aleluia É niboboiá cabirê ô yabá Na beira do mar chamarei por Iemanjá Olhai mãe Santa Meu pranto de dor Feito em seu louvor Iemanjá Iemanjá leru Boaô Iemanjá leru Minha dor Na beira do mar chamarei por Iemanjá É niboboiá cabirê Iemanjá Odé, Oxóssi, Ogum, Ajunssun Iemanjá leru Boaô Iemanjá leru Boaô Iemanjá leru... Continuar Lendo →

Mr. Wendal – Arrested Development

"Mr. Wendal" is a song by Arrested Development, released in 1992. The song has real meaning behind it, mainly due to its focus on discussing a variety of issues involving social discrimination, especially towards homeless people. It starts off by saying how little inconvenience for one person can really help someone else out. The song... Continuar Lendo →

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