Re-Ignition – BAD BRAINS Re-ignition translation beginCosmopolitan reflection well thinWhen our action cause reaction what startsa transmission of a love in one heartRe-ignitionRe-ignitionWe love to make you over standthat this gross sphere is not Jah landApart-outside, who can escapeOur destiny confirmed in fateRe-ignition cancellation can't winNo celesty ever resting beginWhen grace melts inside your hand and my heartIs … Continuar lendo Re-Ignition – BAD BRAINS

Liar – ROLLINS BAND you think you're gonna to live your life alonein darknessand seclusionyeah I knowyou've been out theretried to mix with those animalsand it just left you full of humiliated confusionso you stagger back homeand wait for nothingbut the solitary refinement of your room spits you back out onto the streetand now you're desperateand in need … Continuar lendo Liar – ROLLINS BAND

ANTHRAX live @ Wacken (2019)

Cry for the Indians, ohDie for the IndiansCry for the IndiansOh cry, cry, cry for the IndiansLove the land and fellow manPeace is what we strive to haveSome folks have none of thisHatred and prejudice Setlist: Caught In A Mosh (with intro "Cowboys From Hell" by Pantera)Got The Time (Joe Jackson cover)MadhouseI Am The … Continuar lendo ANTHRAX live @ Wacken (2019)

MOONCHILD live @ Moers Festival (2013) Moonchild - Templars: In Sacred Blood (live at Moers Festival, 17 May 2013) Setlist: 00:19​ Templi Secretum06:00​ Evocation of Baphomet12:12​ Murder of the Magicians16:30​ Prophetic Souls22:31​ Libera Me26:13​ A Second Sanctuary31:10​ Recordatio35:45​ Secret Ceremony Mike Patton: voiceJohn Medeski: pianoTrevor Dunn: bassJoey Baron: drumsJohn Zorn: cond

Vivalavida (1999) – CARNIVAL IN COAL

Musically absurd! Outrageous! Carnival in Coal is an extreme metal/avant-garde metal band from France. Founded in 1995, the band mixed death metal, black metal and other extreme metal genres with genres such as easy listening, disco, and pop. Originally, Carnival In Coal signed to and released their debut album through the now-defunct French indie label … Continuar lendo Vivalavida (1999) – CARNIVAL IN COAL

BEASTIE BOYS live in Amsterdam (2004) Mix Master Mike IntroIntergalacticPass The MicTriple TroublePosse In EffectSure ShotThat's It, That's AllSkills To Pay The BillsShake Your RumpCh-Check it OutThree MC's And One DJ Encore: So What'Cha Want Notes: Another TV broadcast of this show exists, it included interviews between the songs and was missing the commentary between songs and quite a few … Continuar lendo BEASTIE BOYS live in Amsterdam (2004)

Losers Of The Year – PINHEAD GUNPOWDER Well I'm thinking about all the losersWho showed up to make this sceneWhere did they go when things didn't work out,When they burned out on the streets?And I'm wondering where I could find the peopleWho left me behindTo wander these streets so all alone Cuz these old streets I'm still wandering downAnd I'm wondering … Continuar lendo Losers Of The Year – PINHEAD GUNPOWDER

Jump Salty (1994) – PINHEAD GUNPOWDER

Passei minhas adolescência, nos anos 90, fissurado em punk rock e hardcore melódico californiano, de NOFX a Green Day. Pinhead Gunpowder é a banda de punk rock de Billy Joe Armstrong paralelamente ao Green Day. O álbum deles, "Jump salty" (Lookout Records, 1994), fazia minha cabeça mais do que qualquer outro, exceção feita talvez a … Continuar lendo Jump Salty (1994) – PINHEAD GUNPOWDER

BEASTIE BOYS live in Glasgow (1999) You can download Audio from this show here:​ ======================== Setlist: 1. Super Disco Breakin'2. Flute Loop3. Root Down4. Shake Your Rump5. Time for Livin'6. Egg Raid on Mojo7. Gratitude8. Song for the Man9. The Move10. Unite11. Skills to Pay the Bills12. Slow and Low13. Sabrosa14. Lighten Up15. Believe Me16. Tough Guy17. Pass the … Continuar lendo BEASTIE BOYS live in Glasgow (1999)

Gratitude – BEASTIE BOYS Good times gone, and you missed themWhat's gone wrong in your system?Things they bounce like a SpauldingWhat'd you think, did you miss your calling?It's so free, this kind of feelingIt's like life, it's so appealingWhen you've got so much to say it's called gratitudeAnd that's right Good times gone but you feed itHate's grown … Continuar lendo Gratitude – BEASTIE BOYS