Ghosteen Speaks / Ghosteen – NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS

A heavenly masterpiece, music inspired by angels, made for angels. A musical angelology of sorts, the quintessence of creative mourning — musical palingenesis. I am beside youI am beside youI am beside youI am beside youLook for meLook for meI am beside youLook for meI try to forgetTo rememberThat nothing is somethingWhere something is … Continuar lendo Ghosteen Speaks / Ghosteen – NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS

Waiting For You / Sun Forest – NICK CAVE & THE BAD THE SEEDS All through the night we drove and the wind caught her hairAnd we parked on the beach in the cool evening airWell, sometimes it's better not to say anything at allYour body is an anchor, never asked to be freeJust want to stay in the business of making you happyWell I'm just waiting for … Continuar lendo Waiting For You / Sun Forest – NICK CAVE & THE BAD THE SEEDS

Fruit Tree – NICK DRAKE

"Forgotten while you're hereRemembered for a whileA much updated ruinFrom a much outdated style.Life is but a memoryHappened long ago.Theatre full of sadnessFor a long forgotten show." Nick DRAKE Fame is but a fruit treeSo very unsound.It can never flourish'Till its stock is in the ground.So men of fameCan never find a way'Till time … Continuar lendo Fruit Tree – NICK DRAKE

Way to Blue – NICK DRAKE Don't you have a word to show what may be doneHave you never heard a way to find the sunTell me all that you may knowShow me what you have to showWon't you come and sayIf you know the way to blue?Have you seen the land living by the breezeCan you understand a light … Continuar lendo Way to Blue – NICK DRAKE

Saturday Sun – NICK DRAKE Saturday sun came early one morningIn a sky so clear and blueSaturday sun came without warningSo no-one knew what to doSaturday sun brought people and facesThat didn't seem much in their dayBut when I remembered those people and placesThey were really too good in their wayIn their wayIn their waySaturday sun won't come and … Continuar lendo Saturday Sun – NICK DRAKE


Que haja elementos do soul em Nick Drake, ponto pacífico. Não teria também algumas influências brasileiras? Never sing for my supperI never help my neighbourNever do what is properFor my fair share of labourI'm a poor boyAnd I'm a roverCount your coins andThrow them over my shoulderI may grow olderNobody knowsHow cold it growsAnd … Continuar lendo A Poor Boy – NICK DRAKE


Quando a pessoa recusa holofotes e não quer aparecer, não aparece. Ganha um prêmio que descobrir um registro audiovisual de Nick Drake, tocando ou não, fazendo qualquer coisa. Mudando de assuntos, uma canção bela de morrer, esta do cantor inglês, suicidado aos 26 anos. Please give me a second gracePlease give me a second … Continuar lendo Fly – NICK DRAKE

My Death (live) – DAVID BOWIE David Bowie live at The GQ Awards, Radio City Music Hall in New York City, 15th October 1997 David Bowie – Vocals, Guitar & SaxophoneReeves Gabrels – GuitarGail Ann Dorsey – Bass & VocalsZachary Alford – Drums & PercussionMike Garson – Piano & Keyboards


Originally from the album, Scott, but, it also appears on the 1981 compilation, Scott Walketr Sings Jacques Brel My death is likea swinging doora patient girl who knows the scorewhistle for herand the passing time My death waits likea bible truthat the funeral of my youthweep loud for thatand the passing time My death … Continuar lendo My Death – SCOTT WALKER


From the soundtrack of the film Time of the Gypsies (1988), by Emir Kusturica. "Ederlezi" is the Romani name for the day of Saint George (Đurđevdan) and the celebration for the return of the spring. Lyrics: Sa me amala oro khelenaoro khelena, dive kerenasa o Roma dajesa o Roma babo babosa o Roma o … Continuar lendo Ederlezi – GORAN BREGOVIC & EMIR KUSTURICA