Ave Maria – JAN TERRI

Jan Terri (born June 17, 1959 in Chicago) is an Chicago underground musician who is famous for his VHS music videos. She is behind two albums; Baby Blues (1993) and High Risk (1994). The studio albums came out along with several music videos. In recent times, her videos have had a renaissance on YouTube. Terri … Continuar lendo Ave Maria – JAN TERRI

Come to Life – OMKARA & GOTAMA

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cbGa23G4AE “Come to Life" by Omkara, performed by Omkara & Gotama during the One Sangha Gathering live concert broadcast, 26 March 2021. More music by Omkara & Gotama available on the album, ‘Amen – Prayerful Songs Inspired by the Mala of God by Mooji’: https://shop.mooji.org/product/music/…​~Mooji Mala Music emanates from Heart Satsangs with Mooji.It is true … Continuar lendo Come to Life – OMKARA & GOTAMA

Jai Sahaja! Chanting for Shiva – One Mantra Festival (full concert)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=la1svxBdbxo 'Chanting for Shiva' on Mahashivaratri Day ~ One Mantra Festival, 11 March 2021The Jai Sahaja! bhajans group from Monte Sahaja joined musicians from around the world as part of a 12-hour online event, “Chanting for SHIVA – Mahashivaratri – Online” by One Mantra Festival, to celebrate Mahashivaratri with live chants and kirtans. Mahashivaratri means … Continuar lendo Jai Sahaja! Chanting for Shiva – One Mantra Festival (full concert)

The Lord is Here – SHIVALI

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n8rHBjLVwXY “The Lord Is Here" by Shivali, performed by Shivali & Brahmdev during the 17th May 2020 Sat-Songs Concert in Monte Sahaja.Full concert recording available on Sahaja Express: https://mooji.tv/subscription/​"The Lord Is Here" is available on the album 'Temple of Fire' https://mooji.org/music/temple-of-fire​ ~ Mooji Mala Music emanates from Heart Satsangs with Mooji.It is true soul music … Continuar lendo The Lord is Here – SHIVALI

From Heaven’s All Gracious King – SHIVALI

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRepSXnt0N8 “From Heaven's All Gracious King” by Shivali, performed by Shivali (vocals), Brahmdev (violin) and Omraj (guitar) on Christmas Eve, 2018 at Monte Sahaja. This song is available on the album 'Rise Up – To The Most High Awakening (Vol.2)': https://mooji.org/music/rise-up​(Lyrics from the poem 'It came upon the midnight clear' by Edmund Sears) More music … Continuar lendo From Heaven’s All Gracious King – SHIVALI

Sacred Love – BAD BRAINS

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uwOcigKZkQ Sacred loveSacred loveSacred loveSacred loveBaby baby baby I don't want come to me as a whore,Don't lust off my body baby, that's a boreI see our love as being sacred, just you and meWe don't need our business in the streets, reality I'm in here, you're out thereWe know what's rightNo crying, no lyingOur … Continuar lendo Sacred Love – BAD BRAINS


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HAtsXqTDHo&feature=youtu.be From the Sat-Songs Concert "Hari Om" by Tara, performed by Tara (vocals, harmonium), Omkara (backing vocals), Gotama (piano), Brahmdev (violin) & Omraj (drums) during the Sat-Songs concert in Monte Sahaja on 21 June, 2020. Full concert available for viewing on Sahaja Express: https://mooji.tv/sahaja-express/​ 'Hari Om' translation: Praises to the Supreme, the embodiment of Om … Continuar lendo Hari Om – TARA & FRIENDS


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V27tIaoAzF8 "One Love" by Bholenath (song lyrics below) More music by Bholenath available on the following albums:'Rise Up - to the Most High Awakening', 'By Your Grace' & 'Jai Sahaja! Live Bhajans'https://shop.mooji.org/category/music/ "One Love" was performed at the end of the 27th May Satsang in Monte Sahaja, Portugal:"Freedom at the Eleventh Hour", on Moojiji Youtube: … Continuar lendo One Love – BHOLENATH


Anna-Varney Cantodea, the ideal being. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwsJlUdklmk Music video for the song "In der Palästra" by SOPOR AETERNUS & THE ENSEMBLE OF SHADOWS, taken from the album "Les Fleurs du Mal". Created by Anna-Varney Cantodea in 2007. As through the pipes the waters fellDown to the bottom of the wellIn listless apathy I gazedAt the cold … Continuar lendo In der Palästra – SOPOR AETERNUS & THE ENSEMBLE OF SHADOWS