NURSE WITH WOUND – The Funktion Of The Hairy Egg

From the album Huffin' Rag Blues (2008) Nurse with Wound (abbreviated NWW) is the main recording name for British musician Steven Stapleton. Nurse with Wound was originally a band, formed in 1978 by Stapleton, John Fothergill and Heman Pathak. The band's work has explored genres such as industrial, noise, dark ambient, and drone.

NURSE WITH WOUND – The Bottom Feeder

From the album Terms and Conditions Apply (2014) This is a track from the limited edition vinyl release The Bacteria Magnet, from Nurse With Wound. I thought the films of Jiri Barta would make an excellent illustration for this incredible track ... and thanks to Tim for the inspiration! - P F M

NURSE WITH WOUND & LARSEN – Erroneous: A Selection Of Errors (Full Album)

Erroneous, a collection of errors is the result of the meeting of Italian cult band Larsen and Steven Stapleton's ubiquitous creature Nurse With Wound. Almost two years of file swapping and occasional conceptual meetings led to a mutli-headed collection of deformed sounds based on one long NWW piece and two Larsen tracks then deconstructed and… Continue lendo NURSE WITH WOUND & LARSEN – Erroneous: A Selection Of Errors (Full Album)

NURSE WITH WOUND – The Standard Table of Daddy / Home Is Where The Heart Is

For almost forty years Steven Stapleton and friends have been sculpting dramatic dream worlds for our exploration and delectation. On the eve of headlining this weekend’s Tusk Festival in Newcastle, UK, we take a quick ride through the stellar Stapleton system to skim the surface of ten of Nurse With World’s key releases THE QUIETUS… Continue lendo NURSE WITH WOUND – The Standard Table of Daddy / Home Is Where The Heart Is

EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN: The Eye | After over two decades, Einstürzende Neubauten have reached a point in their career that they don't have to explain themselves any more. However, with the problems in the music business and economy, touring has become increasingly difficult. While the band loves to play and tour, this might be the last US tour in the… Continue lendo EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN: The Eye | | The Eye – Nurse With Wound interview

Like music, like crib. This isn't the be-all end-all documentary of Nurse With Wound, but an intimate look at the home and life of Steven Stapleton, the man behind the band. With the first live performance in approximately two decades anticipated for the end of the year, a full feature might eventually evolve from… Continue lendo | The Eye – Nurse With Wound interview

CURRENT 93 / NURSE WITH WOUND – Thunder The Perfect Mind

Thunder Perfect Mind is an album by the English experimental group Current 93, released on 28 July 1992. It contains two tracks based on the Gnostic poem The Thunder, Perfect Mind, which also gave the album its name. Thunder Perfect Mind has a companion album by the same name recorded by Nurse With Wound, released… Continue lendo CURRENT 93 / NURSE WITH WOUND – Thunder The Perfect Mind

NURSE WITH WOUND – Yon Assassin Is My Equal

from album The Surveillance Lounge (2009) Nurse With Wound is the surrealistic musical vehicle for the outsider artist and British eccentric Steven Stapleton. Working as a sign-writer in London in the late 1970’s, he was called to paint the window at BMS studios in London. Having become friendly with the studio engineer, Nicky Rogers, he… Continue lendo NURSE WITH WOUND – Yon Assassin Is My Equal

NURSE WITH WOUND – Creakiness / Nil By Mouth

THIS IS OUR EXPERIENCE IN MUSIC: we must first learn in general to hear fully, and to distinguish a theme or melody, we have to isolate and limit it as a life by itself; then we need to exercise effort and good will in order to endure it in spite of its strangeness we need… Continue lendo NURSE WITH WOUND – Creakiness / Nil By Mouth