“Morton Feldman como crítico da ideologia: uma leitura política de Rothko Chapel” – VLADIMIR SAFATLE

Dissertatio - Revista de Filosofia (Universidade Federal de Pelotas), [42] 11, nr. 26, 2015 Trata-se discutir a peça Rothko Chapel, de Morton Feldman, a partir de uma indagação sobre a reconstrução de categorias como: expressão, temporalidade, assim como sobre a relação entre música e pintura. Veremos, principalmente, como a peça atravessada por uma reflexão constante… Continue lendo “Morton Feldman como crítico da ideologia: uma leitura política de Rothko Chapel” – VLADIMIR SAFATLE

MORTON FELDMAN – Rothko Chapel | Les Cris de Paris – Ensemble Intercontemporain (2017)

Morton Feldman wrote Rothko Chapel as a musical tribute to the famous "abstractionist" painter Mark Rothko (1903-1970), who committed suicide at the age of 66. It was conceived to be a permanent musical piece for the Rothko Chapel, a non-denominational chapel in Houston, Texas, founded by John and Dominique de Menil. The interior serves not only as a… Continue lendo MORTON FELDMAN – Rothko Chapel | Les Cris de Paris – Ensemble Intercontemporain (2017)

MORTON FELDMAN – Piano & String Quartet (1985)

Morton Feldman (1926-1987) was an American composer. A major figure in 20th-century classical music, Feldman was a pioneer of indeterminate music, a development associated with the experimental New York School of composers also including John Cage, Christian Wolff, and Earle Brown. Feldman's works are characterized by notational innovations that he developed to create his characteristic… Continue lendo MORTON FELDMAN – Piano & String Quartet (1985)

SEVEN)SUNS – Quote Unquote (Mr. Bungle)

Tribeca New Music presents: SEVEN)SUNS performing Mr. Bungle's "Travolta" (later re-titled as "Quote/Unquote", due to legal implications), live at Nancy Manocherian's - The Cell, NYC (April 17, 2016). The song is taken from Mr. Bungle's self-titled debut album (1991). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIG6RUCaOFc Amanda Lo, violin;Earl Maneein, viola;Fung Chern Hwei, violin;Jennifer DeVore, cello MR. BUNGLE'S "TRAVOLTA" ("QUOTE/UNQUOTE") https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwRnBS3hmwA… Continue lendo SEVEN)SUNS – Quote Unquote (Mr. Bungle)

Nyttårskonserten: Carmen – Czardas – STIAN CARSTENSEN

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ar1TUEcDV7g Vittorio Monti: CzardasFarmers Market: Norge-Bulgaria 10-11Pablo de Sarasate: Carmen Fantasy Op. 25 Stian Carstensen (soloist): Accordion, Bulgarian Kaval (flute), Pedal steel guitar.Conductor: Peter Sebastian SzilvayConcertmaster: Kolbjørn Holthe I. CzardasII. Norge-Bulgaria 10-11III. Carmen Fantasy Op. 25 Utdrag fra Kristiansand Symfoniorkester sin nyttårskonsert 2021. På grunn av strenge smitteverntiltak gikk konserten uten publikum tilstede i salen.… Continue lendo Nyttårskonserten: Carmen – Czardas – STIAN CARSTENSEN

STIAN CARSTENSEN – Hippocampus Serenade

Stian Carstensen (born 5 January 1971) is a multi-instrument Norwegian musician, entertainer and with Jarle Vespestad (drums) and Nils-Olav Johansen (vocal and guitar), central members of the Balkan-jazz orchestra Farmers Market. From the album Musical Sanatorium (2021). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgXi6WNC920 A film by Dave McKean, Lars Elling and Stian Carstensen Script: Stian Carstensen, Erik Hannemann and Lars… Continue lendo STIAN CARSTENSEN – Hippocampus Serenade

ANTONY & THE JOHNSONS – Cripple and the Starfish (Live w/ orchestra)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvQxmmbUefY Mr. Muscle forcing burstingStingy thingy into little me, me, meBut just "ripple" said the crippleAs my jaw dropped to the groundSmile smile It's true I always wanted love to beHurtfulAnd it's true I always wanted love to beFilled with painAnd bruises Yes, so Cripple-Pig was happyScreamed " I just compeletely love you!And there's no… Continue lendo ANTONY & THE JOHNSONS – Cripple and the Starfish (Live w/ orchestra)

José Lucchesi: a mysterious tango musician (made in Brazil)

José María Lucchesi was born José Marcos Lucchesi in Sorocaba, Brazil, in 1897. Lucchesi played mainly the accordion, but also piano, harmonica and guitar. Lucchesi went to France in the 1920s and became a French citizen in 1942. He died in Paris on February 10th, 1989. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I049Yqu519M Very little information on Lucchesi is available on… Continue lendo José Lucchesi: a mysterious tango musician (made in Brazil)

DANNY ELFMAN – Happy | Live @ Coachella 2022

"Happy" is taken from Big Mess (2021). It was released by Anti- on October 29, 2020. The single is Elfman's first solo pop release since the 1984 album So-Lo. In a statement, Elfman said, "I originally wrote 'Happy' to perform at Coachella 2020. It was written to be an absurd anti-pop song, designed to begin… Continue lendo DANNY ELFMAN – Happy | Live @ Coachella 2022

SPIKE JONES – Tchaikovsky Medley

Lindley Armstrong "Spike" Jones (December 14, 1911 – May 1, 1965) was an American musician and bandleader specializing in spoof arrangements of popular songs and classical music. Ballads receiving the Jones treatment were punctuated with gunshots, whistles, cowbells, hiccups, burps and outlandish and comedic vocals. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Be7O9g2sphw All Star Review (June 7, 1952) Jones and his band recorded under the… Continue lendo SPIKE JONES – Tchaikovsky Medley