Almost real – Rollins Band

Henry Rollins, therapist. I looked deep into your eyes Saw men lying broken Shattered at the bottom of your well You took their simple affection Turned it into bad infection Sent them packing straight to hell I see what sweats you Reality threatens you You can't hide yourself from me When you see the … Continuar lendo Almost real – Rollins Band

Kid candy – Seaweed shovel dug into the ground and the soil forms in mounds then the roots thrown into fire – burnt down weathered skin perspires as he builds my world don’t feel – hazed off the sequel is lame this land’s played out not a spots the same these hands can’t build if to save my … Continuar lendo Kid candy – Seaweed

Unsung – Helmet Your contribution left unnoticed some association with an image just credit time for showing up again attention wandered I'm left with it gone by sin too slowly can't pass it up then i thought nothing is right i turned it off to die unsung would really bring you down although wet eyes would never … Continuar lendo Unsung – Helmet

Quarantined – At the Drive-In autonomous machete for hands warden and judge hide behind masks wet raindrop lull small rationing exhumed the rhetoric of break the weak in single file sanction this outbreak- a virus conspires push becomes shove, days become months i seem to have forgotten the warmth of the sun feeding frenzy, it's contagious have trigger, will … Continuar lendo Quarantined – At the Drive-In

Epic problems – Fugazi

Epic problems. Epic riffs. Congratulations. stop. wish I could be there. stop. Tell me something I don't know. Is there anything left to know? stop. stop. stop. stop. stop. Accessory accessory accessory accessory accessory accessory We regret to inform. stop. miss you dearly signed sincerely. stop. Tell me something that I don't know is … Continuar lendo Epic problems – Fugazi

Another life – The Rollins Band You must think you're going to live forever I listen to the lies as they fall from your face You must think that you are mighty clever Can't you find a better way to deal with this place Instead of watching your life die Watching your life die Watching your life die We're all … Continuar lendo Another life – The Rollins Band