Sleaford Mods are an English post-punk music duo, formed in 2007 in Nottingham. The band features vocalist Jason Williamson and, since 2012, musician Andrew Fearn. They are known for their abrasive, minimalist musical style and embittered explorations of austerity-era Britain, culture, and working class life, delivered in Williamson's East Midlands accent. The duo have released… Continue lendo SLEAFORD MODS – UK Grim


CARDIACS – Signs / Fiery Gun Hand (live on BBC, 1999)

Cardiacs were an English rock band formed by Tim Smith (lead guitar and vocals) and his brother Jim (bass, backing vocals) in 1977, under the name Cardiac Arrest. The band's sound fused circus, baroque pop and medieval music with progressive rock and post-punk, adding other elements like nursery rhymes and sea shanties. Tim Smith was… Continue lendo CARDIACS – Signs / Fiery Gun Hand (live on BBC, 1999)

ROMEO VOID – A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing)

Romeo Void was an American new wave/post punk band from San Francisco, California, formed in 1979. The band primarily consisted of saxophonist Benjamin Bossi, vocalist Debora Iyall, guitarist Peter Woods, and bassist Frank Zincavage. The band went through four drummers, starting with Jay Derrah and ending with Aaron Smith. The band released three albums, It's… Continue lendo ROMEO VOID – A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing)

EDITORS – Karma Climb

Editors are an English rock band, formed in 2002 in Birmingham. Previously known as Pilot, The Pride and Snowfield, the band currently consists of Tom Smith (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Russell Leetch (bass guitar, synthesiser, backing vocals), Ed Lay (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Justin Lockey (lead guitar), Elliott Williams (keys, synthesizers, guitars, and backing vocals),… Continue lendo EDITORS – Karma Climb

THE SMITHS – How Soon Is Now? (live in Las Vegas, 2022)

So many hugs for a human who needs to be loved. Morrissey's fans show him much love. "How soon is now?" is taken from The Smiths' Hatful of Hollow (1984). Live in Las Vegas, July 2, 2022. I am the sonAnd the heirOf a shyness that is criminally vulgarI am the son and heirOf… Continue lendo THE SMITHS – How Soon Is Now? (live in Las Vegas, 2022)

JOY DIVISION: The Poster Children of Post-Punk

Amplified | This 70-minute documentary covers the entire career of Joy Division, one of Manchester and Post-Punks most respected bands. It charts the entire short lifespan of the group, from their origins in their days as Warsaw to the more well known incarnation of Joy Division. Features include rare musical performances, obscure footage of… Continue lendo JOY DIVISION: The Poster Children of Post-Punk


Dry Cleaning are an English post-punk band who formed in South London in 2018. The band is composed of vocalist Florence Shaw, guitarist Tom Dowse, bassist Lewis Maynard and drummer Nick Buxton. They are noted for their use of spoken word primarily in lieu of sung vocals, as well as their unconventional lyrics. Their musical… Continue lendo DRY CLEANING – Live on KEXP


From The Small Price of a Bicycle (1985) The Icicle Works (also known as Icicle Works in the United States) are an English alternative rock band and were named after the 1960 short story "The Day the Icicle Works Closed" by science fiction author Frederik Pohl. They had a top 20 UK hit with "Love… Continue lendo THE ICICLE WORKS – Hollow Horse

TALKING HEADS – Live @ Montreux Festival (1982)

Full footage of Talking Heads performing at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, July 9th 1982. Originally broadcasted on Swiss TV and radio, but this footage is from an archive of the master tapes (except the last song) Important notes: Psycho Killer has some pretty weird mixing issues, but it sorts itself out after a… Continue lendo TALKING HEADS – Live @ Montreux Festival (1982)

KILLING JOKE – Lord of Chaos

"Lord Of Chaos" from the new Killing Joke EP Lord Of Chaos, out March 25th. Lord of ChaosFatal attraction to bright lights and loud explosionsInsects will rule when we've had our goOur rise and fall, our stewardship, our temper tantrumsOur art, our excellence, our hubris, poverty and greedFlash points everywhere and everybody's scaredComplex systems… Continue lendo KILLING JOKE – Lord of Chaos