ESTRADASPHERE – Palace of Mirrors (fvll albvm)

Palace of Mirrors is the fifth and final full-length album by Estradasphere. It was released on September 19, 2006. "Title" – 0:34"Palace of Mirrors" – 3:41"A Corporate Merger" – 8:16"The Terrible Beautypower of Meow" – 4:01"Colossal Risk" – 4:36"The Unfolding Pause on the Threshold" – 4:17"Smuggled Mutation" – 4:48"Six Hands" – 1:12"The Debutante" – 2:44"Flower Garden… Continue lendo ESTRADASPHERE – Palace of Mirrors (fvll albvm)

SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM – Ambugaton (live in SF, 2011)

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (often abbreviated to SGM) was an American experimental rock band, formed in 1999 in Oakland, California. The band fused classical, industrial, and art-rock themes throughout their music. They were known to perform elaborate routines on stage and discuss possibly fictitious stories of dada artists and mathematicians.

ROLO TOMASSI – The Scales of Balance / Remancer

From the album Astraea (2012) A hard lesson to understandI educate and learn nothingTeaching how to make the most of a wreck.Indulge in emotions,Swallow them whole, and immerseYourself in these consequences. Uncover neglect with a halfhearted attemptAnd now you're representing everything that we stood against. An easy lesson so I'm told,To pass through the… Continue lendo ROLO TOMASSI – The Scales of Balance / Remancer

ESTRADASPHERE – Palace of Mirrors documentary

Get insight into the struggles, triumphs, and old-fashioned hard work that Estradasphere put into making their final studio album Palace of Mirrors and subsequent epic tour. Video by Chip Yamada.

ROLO TOMASSI – Empiresk (live)

Live at New Slang, Kingston - 22nd November 2012. Album launch show. Oh I, I believe in notions, of findings, that are far from transparent.It's remarkable what becomes uncovered. When instinct does not misleadThere is no pleasure in unveiling truth,When the answers are so bleakYou must be lifeless to seal all speech Leaving warmth… Continue lendo ROLO TOMASSI – Empiresk (live)


VBnzSO Live in Germany, Bremen (in the stubnitz). From "Oh Mazette Tour 2012" !!! Stubnitz is a ship, we played in a sort of ship's hold !!! "Cartus" is track 12 of the 2nd version of the fisrt record of the band, "Universal Sprache" (le chant du monde/harmonia mundi, 2010). ~ MUSIC YOUR LIFE


Aric Improta is a Grammy nominated drummer who plays for the bands Fever 333 and Night Verses. He's a Los Angeles native primed to be at the forefront of a new generation of drummers that value a passionate performance just as much as perfect technique. [WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS FLASHING LIGHTS] -"EXU" is a composition written… Continue lendo ARIC IMPROTA & JUSTIN CHANCELLOR – Exu

NILS CHEVILLE & THE DANSANT – Mafate live @ In Extremis Fest Vol. IV, Trézioux, France (10/07/2021)

THE DANSANT est une formation rock composée de cinq musiciens issus d’horizons musicaux différents. Ils nous proposent ici un univers instrumental particulier né de l’adaptation des oeuvres de Nils CHEVILLE, compositeur et guitariste du projet.Ce rock « savant » allie de nombreuses ambiances sonores comme les musiques traditionnelles orientales ou sud américaines, électroniques et improvisées.… Continue lendo NILS CHEVILLE & THE DANSANT – Mafate live @ In Extremis Fest Vol. IV, Trézioux, France (10/07/2021)

NILS CHEVILLE – Nils Cheville & The Lost Worlds (2012) 1 Mintanka: 0:00Nils Cheville-montage, sampling, sound design 2 Pollux: 1:33Yann Le Glaz-sax sopranoAntoine Chaunier-tubaRémi Aurine Bellock-vibraphone et marimbaGoulwen Brager-banjoThomas Peyronnet-batterieDamien Dufour-percussionsNils Cheville-guitare, guitare soprano, composition 3 Dschubba: 4:23Antoine Chaunier-basseAymeric Thomas-batterieBenjamin Bardiaux-claviersAdrien Daguzon-sax soprano et ténorFabrice Cabeza-guitareNils Cheville-guitare 4 Regulus: 7:13Rémi Furlanini-mélodicaAntony Miranda-callebasseNorann Ly-rhodesNils Cheville-guitares-sampling 5 Sadalmelek: 8:39Nils Cheville-percussions, vibraphone, guitares, basse 6 Marfak: 11:52Clément… Continue lendo NILS CHEVILLE – Nils Cheville & The Lost Worlds (2012)