NO FUN AT ALL – Believers

From No Straight Angles (1995) I've got a problem and I don't know what to doI get molested by the people who believeThey run around and bother everyone they seeSomebody stop them, I don't care what it takes Please leave me alonePlease leave me I'm tired of the believersI'm tired of listening to them… Continue lendo NO FUN AT ALL – Believers

DEAD KENNEDYS – Live clips from the “Lost Tapes” DVD

"This song - is about the fucking rednecks, and the fucking jocks. Who bring in their macho attitudes to these shows. Try to wreck em, by starting fights, spreading around their racist, bullshit attitudes. If you really like the swastika so much, go join the Klan, like your parents. If you're no different from your… Continue lendo DEAD KENNEDYS – Live clips from the “Lost Tapes” DVD

NOMEANSNO – Wrong [fvll albvm] (1989)

NoMeansNo was a Canadian punk rock band formed in Victoria, British Columbia and later relocated to Vancouver. They issued 11 albums, including a collaborative album with Jello Biafra, as well as numerous EPs and singles. Critic Martin Popoff described their music as "the mightiest merger between the hateful aggression of punk and the discipline of… Continue lendo NOMEANSNO – Wrong [fvll albvm] (1989)

DEAD KENNEDYS – Bedtime for Democracy [fvll albvm] (1986)

Bedtime for Democracy (1986) is the fourth and final studio album by American punk rock band Dead Kennedys. The songs on this album cover common punk subjects often found in punk rock lyrics of the era such as conformity, Reaganomics, the U.S. military, and critique of the hardcore punk movement. The album's title refers… Continue lendo DEAD KENNEDYS – Bedtime for Democracy [fvll albvm] (1986)

THE CHATS – Pub Feed

"Pub Feed" is taken from The Chats' High Risk Behaviour album (2020). Hanging out, having a punt'Cause my rent's due at the end of the monthGettin' hungry, I'm fangin' a feedSomething greasy, gravy and meat All I want and all I needAll I crave is a good pub feedAll I want and all I… Continue lendo THE CHATS – Pub Feed


The Chats are an Australian punk rock band that formed in 2016 in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. They describe their sound as "shed rock". The current band lineup is composed of guitarist Josh Hardy, drummer Matt Boggis, and bassist and vocalist Eamon Sandwith. Known for their songs about Australian culture, they initially went viral for… Continue lendo THE CHATS – Smoko

OSEES – Funeral Solution

Osees are an American rock band formed in San Francisco, California in 1997, now based in Los Angeles, California. The band currently consists of primary songwriter and core member John Dwyer (vocals, guitar), Tim Hellman (bass), Dan Rincon (drums), Paul Quattrone (drums) and Tomas Dolas (keyboards). Osees sound incorporates a wide range of rock genres,… Continue lendo OSEES – Funeral Solution

DEAD CROSS – Heart Reformer

"Heart Reformer", the second single from Dead Cross' new album, II. Pre-order the CD, Digital, Cassette and Vinyl Variants of the October 28th release at Dead Cross released their self-titled debut album in 2017. Alternative Press deemed the 10-song collection “viciously contagious,” MetalSucks said the record is “a bracing, chaotic storm of noise punk,”… Continue lendo DEAD CROSS – Heart Reformer

THE VANDALS – Summer Lovin’ (from Grease)

"Summer Lovin" is a popular song from the musical Grease, recorded by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John for the big-screen adaptation of the musical. It was released in August 1978, as the fourth single from the movie's soundtrack album, becoming a massive hit worldwide during the summer of 1978. The Vandals are an American punk… Continue lendo THE VANDALS – Summer Lovin’ (from Grease)