https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHmQqz0D-HM Well I'm thinking about all the losersWho showed up to make this sceneWhere did they go when things didn't work out,When they burned out on the streets?And I'm wondering where I could find the peopleWho left me behindTo wander these streets so all alone Cuz these old streets I'm still wandering downAnd I'm wondering … Continuar lendo Losers Of The Year – PINHEAD GUNPOWDER

Jump Salty (1994) – PINHEAD GUNPOWDER

Passei minhas adolescência, nos anos 90, fissurado em punk rock e hardcore melódico californiano, de NOFX a Green Day. Pinhead Gunpowder é a banda de punk rock de Billy Joe Armstrong paralelamente ao Green Day. O álbum deles, "Jump salty" (Lookout Records, 1994), fazia minha cabeça mais do que qualquer outro, exceção feita talvez a … Continuar lendo Jump Salty (1994) – PINHEAD GUNPOWDER

BEASTIE BOYS live in Glasgow (1999)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJYfOGb3sKw You can download Audio from this show here: http://beastiemixes.com​ ======================== Setlist: 1. Super Disco Breakin'2. Flute Loop3. Root Down4. Shake Your Rump5. Time for Livin'6. Egg Raid on Mojo7. Gratitude8. Song for the Man9. The Move10. Unite11. Skills to Pay the Bills12. Slow and Low13. Sabrosa14. Lighten Up15. Believe Me16. Tough Guy17. Pass the … Continuar lendo BEASTIE BOYS live in Glasgow (1999)

I Want Candy – BOW WOW WOW

Bow Wow Wow foi uma banda britânica de new wave, formada na cidade de Londres, em 1980 por Malcolm McLaren, produtor da banda de punk rock Sex Pistols. Ela consistia de ex-membros da banda Adam and the Ants. Bow Wow Wow atuou nos anos 1980 – 1983, 1997 – 1998 e 2003 – 2006. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoXVYSV4XcsContinuar lendo I Want Candy – BOW WOW WOW

Happy Misery – BILLY NOMATES

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Tc9gWg3mlY {Verse 1}Ah fuck it I quit the futureImmʼa live in the pastWhat’s it to ya?Things where betterI was youngerA little thinner'Cause I has hungerSilver platter futureYou have spoiled your youthThey have debilitating choiceThey got a megaphone for their unheard voice {Chorus}Back in my day I had nothingWe lived in Happy MiseryWe lived in Happy … Continuar lendo Happy Misery – BILLY NOMATES

Hellfire Stoked (2104) – DEAD AIM

Hellfire Stoked by Dead Aim Wow! I remember sharing the same stage with Dead Aim at Formerly Dominics in Norfolk, Va. in 1983. They were one of the first local bands to mix hardcore with metal, and they were hard as Hell for that time. This is their 4th album- their 1st being the 1985 … Continuar lendo Hellfire Stoked (2104) – DEAD AIM

「攻撃的国民的音楽」[Offensive National Music] – 八十八ヶ所巡礼 [88KASYO JUNREI]

http://88kasyo.com [88 Places of Peregrination] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D90AOhojK3M&fbclid=IwAR3YELr8UON6hE6ehPOExqmvRdT8qBV1Zd_Ge6nrJB_brhVRY5brjaWRkBc 2014年8月8日発売 NEW ALBUM「攻撃的国民的音楽」よりーNext one man LIVE 2020ー2月22日(土)福岡 天神graf3月7日(土)札幌COLONY3月21日(土)神戸 太陽と虎3月28日(土)仙台enn2nd4月11日(土)新宿ロフト4月25日(土)大分club SPOT http://88kasyo.com/live/


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EANtOg0S1Jw I’ve been putting off for days a visitation to your graveThe only reason I can find is because I’m guilty of so many matters of the mindSo little matters in my heartYou used to blame me all the timeEventually we fell apart Give up, just give upI’ll see you when I’m throughGive up, just … Continuar lendo Give/Up – LE BUTCHERETTES

Papai Noel Velho Batuta – GAROTOS PODRES

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDDlLtZFgNo Papai Noel velho batutaRejeita os miseráveisEu quero matá-loAquele porco capitalista Presenteia os ricosCospe nos pobresPresenteia os ricosCospe nos pobres Papai Noel velho batutaRejeita os miseráveisEu quero matá-loAquele porco capitalista Presenteia os ricosCospe nos pobresPresenteia os ricosCospe nos pobresPobresPobres Mas nos vamos sequestrá loE vamos mata-loPor que? Aqui não existe natalAqui não existe natalAqui não … Continuar lendo Papai Noel Velho Batuta – GAROTOS PODRES

It’s Catching Up – NOMEANSNO

NOMEANSNO é uma banda de punk rock canadense formada em 1979 pelos irmãos Rob Wright e John Wright. Na década de 80, eles chamaram um guitarrista e vocalista, Andy Kerr, que usava pseudónimos como “Buttercup” e “None of your fucking business”. Depois que Kerr saiu, eles chamaram o guitarrista Tom Holliston e continuaram fazendo turnês … Continuar lendo It’s Catching Up – NOMEANSNO