MUTOID MAN – Call of the Void

Mutoid Man is an American heavy metal band formed in 2012 in Brooklyn, New York City by Cave In vocalist/guitarist Stephen Brodsky, Converge drummer Ben Koller and bassist Nick Cageao (with High on Fire bassist Jeff Matz replacing Cageao in 2021). They have released one EP and two studio albums to date. AllMusic described their… Continue lendo MUTOID MAN – Call of the Void


POPPY – Spit

Moriah Rose Pereira (born January 1, 1995), known professionally as Poppy, is an American singer, songwriter, YouTuber, and performance artist. In 2014, she gained viral fame by starring in surreal performance art videos on YouTube as an uncanny valley-like android who commented on and satirized internet culture and modern society. She signed a recording contract… Continue lendo POPPY – Spit

FISHBONE – All We Have Is Now

Momentum: in Newtonian mechanics, the quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity; the impetus gained by a moving object. Creating momentum in your life means doing a little more of the things that move you forward and less of the things that hold you back. Somedays… Continue lendo FISHBONE – All We Have Is Now


Fuck Putin and all the warlords. Pussy Riot is a Russian feminist protest and performance art group based in Moscow that became popular for its provocative punk rock music which later turned into a more accessible style. Founded in August 2011, it has had a membership of approximately 11 women. The group staged unauthorized, provocative… Continue lendo PUSSY RIOT – ЯДЕРНАЯ ЗИМА / Nuclear Winter

SPOTLIGHTS – Discerning Alchemy (making of Alchemy For The Dead)

Spotlights, the hypnotic trio featuring married couple Mario and Sarah Quintero with Chris Enriquez, release their new album, Alchemy For The Dead, on April 28 via Ipecac Recordings. The album, written and recorded following the band’s move to Pittsburgh, finds the trio once again balancing the tightrope of light and dark, toying with sonic texture,… Continue lendo SPOTLIGHTS – Discerning Alchemy (making of Alchemy For The Dead)

CERRONE – A Part of You (2023)

Marc Cerrone (born 24 May 1952) is a French disco drummer, composer, record producer and creator of concert shows. Cerrone is a producer of 1970s and 1980s disco songs. He has sold over 30 million albums worldwide, including over four million copies in France, and eight million copies of Supernature. The single "Love in… Continue lendo CERRONE – A Part of You (2023)

DAVE LOMBARDO – Inner Sanctvm (2023)

"Inner Sanctum" is the third single from Dave Lombardo's first ever solo album, Rites Of Percussion. The 13-track collection is the result of a 40-year career that saw Lombardo rise to prominence as a co-founder of Slayer, earn two GRAMMY-Awards, and expand his repertoire across genres. The Havana-born Lombardo’s resume includes outings with the acrobatic,… Continue lendo DAVE LOMBARDO – Inner Sanctvm (2023)

NUCLEAR POWER TRIO – Ukraine In The Membrane (2023)

The masked progressive metal triumvirate known as Nuclear Power Trio featuring Nick Schendzielos (Cephalic Carnage, ex-Job For A Cowboy, ex-Havok) as Vladimir Putin, Greg Burgess (Allegaeon) as Donald Trump, and Pete Webber (Havok) as Kim Jong-un have unleashed a new video upon the world. The last we reported on the anti-heroes, they had issued a… Continue lendo NUCLEAR POWER TRIO – Ukraine In The Membrane (2023)

PETER GABRIEL – Full Moon April 2023

The older I get, I probably don't get any smarter, but I have learned a few things, trying to listen and observe. And it makes a lot of sense to me that we're not these independant islands that we like to think we are. We are part of a whole. PETER GABRIEL, i/o Peter Gabriel's… Continue lendo PETER GABRIEL – Full Moon April 2023

MC ESTUDANTE – Corrida Maluca (prod. Heron Martins)

MC Estudante is a young Brazilian rapper who became a household name in popular Brazilian culture by making improvised rhymes in subways, while interacting with passengers and involving them in his witty lyrics. Mc Estudante - Corrida Maluca (Prod. Heron Martins) Composição: Mc EstudanteProdução Musical: Heron MartinsGravadora: Hitlab Records