PLACEBO – Try Better Next Time

Taken from Placebo's forthcoming album 'Never Let Me Go' - out March 25, 2022 - pre-order now here: . Released via SO Recordings. Video by: Comes With FriesCreative Direction: Untold StudiosWritten by: Brian Molko & Stefan OlsdalProduced by: Placebo & Adam Noble At the core of the earthIt's too hot to breatheThere's nothing… Continue lendo PLACEBO – Try Better Next Time

DOG FASHION DISCO – Grand Experiment

Dog Fashion Disco é uma banda de Maryland, Estados Unidos. Com notáveis combinações de estilos musicais extremamente diversos (rock psicodélico dos anos 70, jazz, recital de piano, entre outros) e já foram considerados como uma banda de metal. A banda propõe um conteúdo lírico e altamente satírico, com constantes trava-línguas, referências ocultas, usos de drogas,… Continue lendo DOG FASHION DISCO – Grand Experiment

VOIVOD – Planet Eaters

Taken from the Album Synchro Anarchy, Out February 11th, 2022 We all need to spend some time awayFrom EarthWe all feel it's time to wash awayThe dirt Save for your next trip to marsWin your change to reach the startsClick the linkFill your nameCheck the box down below Take your seatEnjoy your mealRelax, unwindEmbrace… Continue lendo VOIVOD – Planet Eaters


Emigrate. The one-time project has become more than that. Much more. The three studio albums "EMIGRATE" (2007), "SILENT SO LONG (2014) and "A MILLION DEGREES" (2018), prove that squarely behind Emigrate stands Richard Zven Kruspe - an extremely creative mind who needs the freedom to explore his music and his vision in ways outside of… Continue lendo EMIGRATE & LINDEMANN – Always On My Mind

BILLY NOMATES – Christmas Is For Lovers, Ghosts & Children

This track is available to download as pay what you want on my bandcamp: All profits going directly to: - Did that title grab you? Are you breathing? Well, the payoff is there, don’t worry. Brit Billy Nomates (the stage name for Tor Maries) has a new Christmas song and it is this… Continue lendo BILLY NOMATES – Christmas Is For Lovers, Ghosts & Children

TEARS FOR FEARS – No Small Thing

Watch the official video for Tears For Fears’ new single “No Small Thing” from their upcoming album ‘The Tipping Point’, coming February 25, 2022. “In early 2020, Curt and I sat down together with just a couple of acoustic guitars. The first time in decades. We needed a meeting of minds, a coming together psychically.… Continue lendo TEARS FOR FEARS – No Small Thing

PLACEBO – Surrounded by Spies

Taken from Placebo's forthcoming album 'Never Let Me Go' - out March 25, 2022. Pre-order available now: Tickets now on sale for our 2022 UK & European headline tour: -- CREDITS -- Creative Director: Phil LeeVideo Director: Gregg HoustonCreative Projects Manager: Sarah Elizabeth TuckerDOP: Jed Darlington Roberts1st AC: Luke Chambers2nd AC: Will… Continue lendo PLACEBO – Surrounded by Spies

ZAZ & LINDEMANN – Le Jardin des Larmes "Le Jardin des Larmes" extrait du nouvel album "Isa" déjà disponible : Édition collector numérotée 2CD avec une reproduction en tirage limité : Et retrouvez les meilleurs titres de ZAZ dans la playlist best-of : Sous titres / lyrics subtitles disponible en Anglais Allemand Espagnol Portugais Hollandais Russe… Bashspirt - a… Continue lendo ZAZ & LINDEMANN – Le Jardin des Larmes

PLACEBO – Surrounded by Spies I saw you jump from a burning buildingI saw you jump from a burning buildingI’ve seen you move like Elvis set on fireI’ve seen you move like Elvis set on fireThis search for meaning is killing meThis search for meaning is killing meThis search for meaning is killing meThis search for meaning Ping pong… Continue lendo PLACEBO – Surrounded by Spies

PARIS TEXAS – Heavy Metal

Paris Texas, the Slacker Rap Duo Behind One of 2021’s Defining Albums - AnOther Magazine, June 15, 2021 Responsible for the one of the strongest, most original releases of 2021, Paris Texas are ripping up the rulebook and having fun doing it “I live life in a comedy,” raps Louis Pastel in FORCE OF HABIT, the recent single… Continue lendo PARIS TEXAS – Heavy Metal