18-year-old Psihotrop is one of the finest MC's in Romania's underground hip-hop scene. On his album Mihai preda ("Mihai teaches"), Psihotrop uses rhythm and poetry as a means to help young students get their work done and get into university. One of the tracks, Plumb ("Lead" in Romanian) is named after George Bacovia's poem.… Continue lendo PSIHOTROP – Plumb


AKRAL NECROSIS – The Greater Absence [fvll albvm] (2020)

“The Greater Absence” is the outcome of over 3 years’ work and its total length is over an hour, which makes it the longest album produced by the band from Bucharest. The concept develops a narrative thread that follows the actions of a character obsessed with the occult and who discovers that a superficial approach… Continue lendo AKRAL NECROSIS – The Greater Absence [fvll albvm] (2020)

J. S. BACH – Mass in B Minor (conducted by George Enescu)

George Enescu (1881–1955), known in France as Georges Enesco, was a Romanian composer, violinist, conductor and teacher. Regarded as one of the greatest musicians in Romanian history, Enescu is featured on the Romanian five lei ("lions", Romania's national currency). Choir: BBC ChorusConductor: George EnescuOrchestra: Boyd Neel OrchestraComposer: Johann Sebastian Bach

RA – La Steaua (reprise)

Side project of Rusu Andrei formed when he was with Agathodaimon. RA stands for the initials of his name. "La Steaua" ("To the Star") is a poem by the great Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu (1850-1899). It's taken from RA's 1999 album Geniu Pustiu ("Wild Genius", as Eminescu is known in Romania). Din noaptea veşnicei uitări, în care toate curgA… Continue lendo RA – La Steaua (reprise)


Mónika Juhász-Miczura is a Hungarian Roma singer, also known as Mitsou and Mitsoura. She is a former member of the folk ensemble Ando Drom, and a founding member of the electronic/world music group Mitsoura. She has contributed to film soundtracks; in Tony Gatlif's film Gadjo dilo (1997) she provided the voice of an unseen singer… Continue lendo MÓNIKA JUHÁSZ-MICZURA – Nora Luca (Gadjo Dilo OST)

RONA HARTNER – Disparaîtra (Gadjo Dilo OST)

Rona Hartner (born 9 March 1973, Bucharest) is a Romanian actress, painter and singer, of German ethnicity. She is best known for her role in Tony Gatlif's film Gadjo dilo. Hartner currently focuses on her music career, specializing in Gypsy music. Gadjo Dilo ("The Crazy Stranger" in the Roma gypsy dialect) is a 1997… Continue lendo RONA HARTNER – Disparaîtra (Gadjo Dilo OST)

FRAŢII PETREUS – Mai Dorule, Mai

The Petreuș brothers (Ștefan and Ion) sing traditional music from the Romanian region of Maramureș. They were noted for the numerous instrumental and vocal recordings they made and for the discographic materials they developed. They made their radio and television debut in 1968, and recorded their first album in 1969-1970. In 1966, Ștefan Petreuș… Continue lendo FRAŢII PETREUS – Mai Dorule, Mai

ROOTS REVIVAL – Maramures (fvll concert)

Maramures project was initiated and coordinated by Mehdi Aminian and developed together with Peter Hurley. This project is built on tradition, innovation and improvisations by the 7 musicians from 7 different countries who spent 7 days in the villages in the mountainous area of Maramures and lived the life and music of the villagers there.… Continue lendo ROOTS REVIVAL – Maramures (fvll concert)

Doina Revival (Sibiu, Romania) – Fvll Concert

Doina Revival is a project proposed by Maria Cassandra Hausi and developed together with Mehdi with various arrangements and compositions. This project is mainly inspired by Romanian Doina and Persian traditional and folklor music. The Doina is a Romanian musical tune style, possibly with Middle Eastern roots, customary in Romanian peasant music, as well as… Continue lendo Doina Revival (Sibiu, Romania) – Fvll Concert

THIERRY HUILLET & CLARA CERNAT – Valahia Rhapsody para violín y piano

El programa "Rumanía en la música" del Instituto Cultural Rumano de Madrid continúa en 2022 con un concierto especial interpretado por el dúo CLARA CERNAT, violín & THIERRY HUILLET, piano. El acto, organizado en colaboración con la Fundación Eutherpe de la ciudad de León, ha tenido lugar dentro del CICLO MAESTROS INTERNACIONALES 2022, en el… Continue lendo THIERRY HUILLET & CLARA CERNAT – Valahia Rhapsody para violín y piano