FRAŢII PETREUS – Mai Dorule, Mai

The Petreuș brothers (Ștefan and Ion) sing traditional music from the Romanian region of Maramureș. They were noted for the numerous instrumental and vocal recordings they made and for the discographic materials they developed. They made their radio and television debut in 1968, and recorded their first album in 1969-1970. In 1966, Ștefan Petreuș… Continue lendo FRAŢII PETREUS – Mai Dorule, Mai

ROOTS REVIVAL – Maramures (fvll concert)

Maramures project was initiated and coordinated by Mehdi Aminian and developed together with Peter Hurley. This project is built on tradition, innovation and improvisations by the 7 musicians from 7 different countries who spent 7 days in the villages in the mountainous area of Maramures and lived the life and music of the villagers there.… Continue lendo ROOTS REVIVAL – Maramures (fvll concert)

Doina Revival (Sibiu, Romania) – Fvll Concert

Doina Revival is a project proposed by Maria Cassandra Hausi and developed together with Mehdi with various arrangements and compositions. This project is mainly inspired by Romanian Doina and Persian traditional and folklor music. The Doina is a Romanian musical tune style, possibly with Middle Eastern roots, customary in Romanian peasant music, as well as… Continue lendo Doina Revival (Sibiu, Romania) – Fvll Concert

THIERRY HUILLET & CLARA CERNAT – Valahia Rhapsody para violín y piano

El programa "Rumanía en la música" del Instituto Cultural Rumano de Madrid continúa en 2022 con un concierto especial interpretado por el dúo CLARA CERNAT, violín & THIERRY HUILLET, piano. El acto, organizado en colaboración con la Fundación Eutherpe de la ciudad de León, ha tenido lugar dentro del CICLO MAESTROS INTERNACIONALES 2022, en el… Continue lendo THIERRY HUILLET & CLARA CERNAT – Valahia Rhapsody para violín y piano

Geamparale – TARAF DE CALIU

There are mani tarafuri besides the well-known Taraf de Haidouks. Here is Taraf de Caliu. Taraf is a Romanian word meaning "band", "troupe", "small folk (lăutărească) music ensemble", usually consisting of 3-8 musicians. Instruments include the violin, cello, tambourine, accordion, harmonica and cimpoi (Romanian bagpipes). A taraf also often includes an instrument typical to the… Continue lendo Geamparale – TARAF DE CALIU


Taraf de Haidouks é destaque do Fiac - Folha de S. Paulo, 7 de novembro de 1999 A presença dos 11 músicos do conjunto musical Taraf de Haidouks, da Romênia, contrasta com a arquitetura arrojada do Sesc Vila Mariana, onde eles se apresentam hoje à noite (veja quadro acima).São homens simples, quarentões na média (o mais… Continue lendo Karolina – TARAF DE HAIDOUKS

FANFARE CIOCĂRLIA: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Fanfare Ciocărlia is a twelve-piece Romanian Romani Balkan brass band from the northeastern Romanian village of Zece Prăjini, Iași. The band is made up of Roma musicians, and they are recognised as one of Europe's most popular contemporary Romani bands. Fanfare Ciocărlia are best known for its fast, high-energy music with complex rhythms and high-speed… Continue lendo FANFARE CIOCĂRLIA: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Gărgăriță – MARINA VOICA Fericit soareleRade cu-o pansea,Pe un fir de macesDoarme-o gaza,O margea.Ma aplec, o culeg,Sade-n palmea mea,O alint si ii cantLur li, lur li,Te du-te, du-te pe-aripi de vant. Gargarita rita,Zboara-n poienitaColo-n zare cu nerabdareTe-asteapta un baiat,Colo-n zare cu nerabdareTe-asteapta un baiat. Gargarita rita,Mica strengaritaZboara, zboaraSi spune-i iaraC-azi noapte l-am visat,Zboara-n soareCu-o sarutareSpre cel mai drag… Continue lendo Gărgăriță – MARINA VOICA