Timna Brauer (hebraico: תמנע בראואר; Viena, 1 de maio de 1961-) é uma cantora e compositora austríaca-israelita filha do pintor, escritor e cantor Arik Brauer. Ela é casada com o pianista israelita Elias Meiri com que tem colaborado musicalmente. Ambos têm raízes iemenitas. Brauer representou a Áustria no Festival Eurovisão da Canção 1986, onde interpretou … Continuar lendo Bay Mir Bis du Sheyn – TIMNA BRAUER & ELIAS MEIRI ENSEMBLE

Tom’s Diner – SUZANNE VEGA Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doodoo, dooDoo, doo, doo, doo, doo, duhdoodooI am sitting in the morningAt the diner on the cornerI am waiting at the counterFor the man to pour the coffeeAnd he fills it only halfwayAnd before I even argueHe is looking out the windowAt somebody coming inDoo, doo, doo, doo, doo, … Continuar lendo Tom’s Diner – SUZANNE VEGA

Luka – SUZANNE VEGA My name is LukaI live on the second floorI live upstairs from youYes I think you've seen me beforeIf you hear something late at nightSome kind of trouble, some kind of fightJust don't ask me what it wasJust don't ask me what it wasJust don't ask me what it wasI think it's because I'm … Continuar lendo Luka – SUZANNE VEGA

Trouble – LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM Two, ah-three, ah-four!Two, ah-three, ah-four!Two, ah-three, ah-four!I really should be saying goodnight.I really shouldn't stay anymore.It's been so long since I held ya.I've forgotten what love is for.I should run on the doubleI think I'm in trouble,I think I'm in trouble.So come to me darlin' and hold meLet your honey keep you warmBeen so … Continuar lendo Trouble – LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM

Slave to love – BRYAN FERRY Tell her I'll be waitingIn the usual placeWith the tired and wearyThere's no escapeTo need a womanYou've got to knowHow the strong get weakAnd the rich get poorSlave to loveoh, slave to loveyou're running with meDon't touch the groundWe're the restless heartedNot the chained and boundThe sky is burningA sea of flameThough your world … Continuar lendo Slave to love – BRYAN FERRY

Maradona – ANDRÉS CALAMARO Maradona no es una persona cualquieraEs un hombre pegado a una pelota de cueroTiene el don celestialDe tratar muy bien al balónEs un guerreroEs un ángel y se le ven las alas heridasEs la Biblia junto al calefónTiene un guante blanco calzado en el piéDel lado del corazónNo me importa en que lío se … Continuar lendo Maradona – ANDRÉS CALAMARO

Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea – GENESIS Creeping up the blind sideShinning up the wallStealing through the dark of nightClimbing through a windowStepping to the floorChecking to the left and the rightPicking up the piecesPutting them awaySomething doesn't feel quite rightHelp me someone, let me out of hereThen out of the dark was suddenly heardWelcome to the home by the seaComing … Continuar lendo Home By The Sea / Second Home By The Sea – GENESIS

Erro (Pseudo Video) – LUEDJI LUNA Parece enleioMas é enlaceEle me abraça de madrugadaEle me deixaSabor cervejaSabor cigarroMenta-hortelã Tem gosto sonho a sua bocaTua voz rouca no meu ouvidoNão faz sentido, não faz sentidoQuase um milagreSe é de manhãSe esvai nas horas Dorme comigoNão faz sentidoQuase um consolo da meia-noiteNão vá embora!É o que eu digoEle é meu erroQuase um … Continuar lendo Erro (Pseudo Video) – LUEDJI LUNA

Farmer in the City – SCOTT WALKER

Haunting, sublime, beautiful Scott Walker (R.I.P.) Do I hear 21, 21, 21?I'll give you 21, 21, 21Do I hear 21, 21, 21?I'll give you 21, 21, 21 This night you are mistakenI'm a farmer in the cityDark farm houses 'gainst the skyEvery night I must wonder whyHarness on the left nailKeeps wrinkling, wrinklingThen higher … Continuar lendo Farmer in the City – SCOTT WALKER

Crash – NILÜFER YANIA If you ask me one more question, I'm about to crashIf you ask me one more questionIf you ask me one more question, I'm about to crashLook around, there's no competition, where the heavy drinkers at?Kind of like a presence (If you ask me one more question)It's kind of like an attitudeIt's kind of … Continuar lendo Crash – NILÜFER YANIA