MELTING POT – Tetris Theme (Ska Version)

Melting Pot is an eight-piece band from San Pedro, California. With a very unique sound (to say the least), these guys fuse so many different styles it's hard to put a finger on one label that sums everything they're about. Blending funk, ska, jazz, hip-hop, hardcore, punk, and metal the outcome is what I like… Continue lendo MELTING POT – Tetris Theme (Ska Version)

ED COX & E-COLI – Tetris Theme (live at Boomtown Fair 2019)

Ed Cox is an musician/producer from Cambridge, UK. His love of traditional music inspired him to use folky melodies when writing jungle and tekno. The result was CLOWNCORE. He plays Clowncore live in venues across the world, and more recently, has taken it to the streets and to festivals, busking and playing whenever he can.… Continue lendo ED COX & E-COLI – Tetris Theme (live at Boomtown Fair 2019)


Jamaican artist Roy Ellis, aka Mr. Symarip, sold over 7.000.000 copies of his classic Skinhead Moonstomp album up to date since 1969 on Trojan Records and still kicking. The most sueccessfull jamaican foundation artist alive, since he came back to the stages in 2006 he has released 6 albums in 3 different continents and played… Continue lendo ROY (MR. SYMARIP) ELLIS & THE MOONSTOMPERS – Live @ Skamouth (2015)

BESH O DROM – Cygánybál (live) Recorded live in Budapest, February 2017.Camera: Dániel BeránSound: Gergely Barcza, Attila HerrMany thanks to Ábel Mihalik Vocal: Fundák-Kaszai LiliVocal, percussion: Adam PettikClarinet, saxophone: Vilmos SeresSaxophone: Tamás MolnárBass: Attila HerrGuitar: Máté HámoriDrums: Péter Somos

BESH O DROM – Vaságy

When a city is plagued by giants playing Monopoly with its buildings, ordinary citizens will have to turn themselves into members of a punk band to destabilize power. PS: Vaságy, in Hungarian, means "iron bed" (without a mattress). Reggel korán a vaságyon,Három decit de bevágok,Kerázd kerázd jól kerázd,Veszek neked pálinkát, veszek neked három deci… Continue lendo BESH O DROM – Vaságy


In 2003, musicians of the French tribute band to Frank Zappa called "The Children of invention" decided to create a new band playing personal compositions. They first called the project Sheraf and then decided to develop a formation. In the beginning, the project was instrumental but when first few tracks were written they quickly decided… Continue lendo VLADIMIR BOZAR ‘N’ ZE SHERAF ORKESTÄR – Panzoni Pasta

MALDITA VECINDAD – Un Poco De Sangre / Ya Lo Pasado Pasado

Tengo en la vida por quién vivirAmo y me amanYa nunca más estaréSolo y triste otra vezEl ayer, ya olvidé, ya olvidé Maldita Vecindad, "Ya lo pasado, pasado" Poco de sangre roja sobre un gran auto nuevoPoco de sangre roja sobre un gran auto blancoNada mas bello ni mas lujosoTan poderoso como un gran… Continue lendo MALDITA VECINDAD – Un Poco De Sangre / Ya Lo Pasado Pasado

LOS FABULOSOS CADILLACS – Festival Viña del Mar (2017)

"Las cintas originales del Festival Internacional de la Canción de Viña del Mar se encuentran resguardados en el Archivo Histórico Patrimonial de la I. Municipalidad de Viña del Mar, Chile."

MALDITA VECINDAD: MTV Acústico Maldita Vecindad y Llos Hijos del Quinto Patio, 35 años de carrera musical en Paz y Baile. Desde la ciudad de México, haciendo una fusión de música de todo el mundo, con una fuerte identidad nacional.


La Maldita Vecindad y los Hijos del Quinto Patio ("The Damned Neighborhood and the Sons of the Fifth Patio"), or simply Maldita Vecindad, is a band formed in Mexico City in 1985. They are pioneers of rock en español and one of the most influential rock bands in Mexico. They first made an impact with Mojado, Un poco de sangre, Cocodrilo, Pachuco and Un gran circo,… Continue lendo Don Palabras – MALDITA VECINDAD & LOS HIJOS DEL QUINTO PATIO