MICK JAGGER – She’s the Boss

Running Out of Luck is a 1985 American adventure film directed by Julien Temple and starring Mick Jagger. Mick (Mick Jagger) is in Rio shooting a video. He is with his wife/girlfriend played by Jerry Hall. Mick performs Half a Loaf while the director, played by Dennis Hopper, screams and yells at Mick who is… Continue lendo MICK JAGGER – She’s the Boss

LAURA BRANIGAN / ROSANA – The Power of Love / Como uma Deusa

"The Power of Love" is a song co-written and originally recorded by American singer Jennifer Rush in 1984. It has since been covered by Air Supply, Laura Branigan and Celine Dion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZvGWZm34Ct8 The whisper in the morningOf lovers sleeping tightIs rolling by like thunder nowAs I look in your eyes I hold on to your… Continue lendo LAURA BRANIGAN / ROSANA – The Power of Love / Como uma Deusa

JEROEN VAN VEEN – Glass: Solo Piano Music (fvll albvm)

A compilation of the music for piano solo by Philip Glass, icon of minimalism. In his piano music, Glass presents structures of repeated patterns which slowly and gradually, seemingly unconsciously, change in rhythm, speed or form, creating a fascinating sound landscape of slowly shifting colours and patterns. Accepted onto the early admissions programme of the… Continue lendo JEROEN VAN VEEN – Glass: Solo Piano Music (fvll albvm)

PHILIP GLASS – Truman Sleeps (extended version)

The Truman Show: Music from the Motion Picture is the soundtrack to the 1998 film of the same name and was composed by Burkhard Dallwitz. Dallwitz was hired after Peter Weir received a tape of his work while in Australia for the post-production. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FySi6xXkNqo Some parts of the soundtrack were composed by Philip Glass, including… Continue lendo PHILIP GLASS – Truman Sleeps (extended version)

WAKING LIFE – Film Sovndtrack (2001)

Waking Life is a 2001 American experimental adult animated film written and directed by Richard Linklater. The film explores a wide range of philosophical issues, including the nature of reality, dreams and lucid dreams, consciousness, the meaning of life, free will, and existentialism. It is centered on a young man who wanders through a succession… Continue lendo WAKING LIFE – Film Sovndtrack (2001)

SUGAR RAY – Spinning Away (Brian Eno cover)

From The Beach sountrack (2000). “Spinning Away” is a cover of the Cale & Eno song, from their 1990 album Wrong Way Up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEVykU5PCeU Up on a hill, as the day dissolvesWith my pencil turning moments into lineHigh above in the violet skyA silent silver plane – it draws a golden chain One by one,… Continue lendo SUGAR RAY – Spinning Away (Brian Eno cover)


From the Metropolis OST (1984) "Love Kills" is a song by Freddie Mercury, and his first song released as a solo artist, though the other members of Queen appeared on the song - initially uncredited. Written by Mercury and Giorgio Moroder, it was originally used in Moroder's 1984 restoration and edit of Fritz Lang's 1927… Continue lendo FREDDIE MERCURY – Love Kills

JOHN ZORN – The End of Tradition

John Zorn : Filmworks XXV—City Of Slaughter/Schmatta/Beyond The Infinite https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=capcI73DOxk The first FilmWorks CD in almost three years (and perhaps the very last in the series) features three radically different musics for solo piano. Commissioned to create music for video installations in Moscow's Museum of Jewish History, Zorn has responded with a poignant Jewish-tinged score… Continue lendo JOHN ZORN – The End of Tradition

Hans Zimmer & Ukrainian musicians on tour | Music Report

Film music for peace: On March 11, 2022, Hans Zimmer went on tour across Europe with a large orchestra, performing music from his most popular films as well as more recent compositions. Ten musicians from the Odessa National Opera, who managed to flee to Germany from the war in Ukraine, are taking part. Originally, the… Continue lendo Hans Zimmer & Ukrainian musicians on tour | Music Report

GUSTAVO SANTAOLALLA – Show Musical para los fans de “The Last Of Us Part II”

Hoy traemos un vídeo muy especial donde Gustavo Santaolalla actúa en exclusiva para los fans de The Last of Us II. Toca las canciones que componen la banda sonora de una increíble saga como es The Last of Us. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4StZP7BHu4k