Protection (1994) is the second studio album by English electronic music group Massive Attack. DJ Mad Professor remixed the album in 1995 under the name No Protection. "Protection" is a collaboration between English trip hop collective Massive Attack and Tracey Thorn from English duo Everything but the Girl, that appears on Massive Attack's second studio… Continue lendo MASSIVE ATTACK – Protection


ST. VINCENT & THE ROOTS – Glory Box (Portishead) | The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Anne Erin Clark (born September 28, 1982), known professionally as St. Vincent, is an American singer, musician, and songwriter. Her music is noted for its complex arrangements utilizing a wide array of instruments. St. Vincent is the recipient of various accolades, including three Grammy Awards. "Glory Box" belongs to Portishead's acclaimed album Dummy (1994).… Continue lendo ST. VINCENT & THE ROOTS – Glory Box (Portishead) | The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

PORTISHEAD – The Enigmatic Heartache of “Glory Box” | Trash Theory

Portishead did not want to be pop stars, they didn’t do interviews, rarely wanted to play live, they didn’t play the game. Yet their debut album, Dummy, quickly became one of the best selling albums of 1995, but not everyone understood what the Bristolian combo were trying to achieve. They stood in stark contrast to… Continue lendo PORTISHEAD – The Enigmatic Heartache of “Glory Box” | Trash Theory


"Sour Times" is a song by English trip hop group Portishead, from their debut album, Dummy (1994). It was written by all three members of the band and released as a single by Go! Beat Records in August 1994, accompanied by three bonus tracks: "It's a Fire", "Pedestal", and "Theme from To Kill a Dead… Continue lendo PORTISHEAD – Sour Times


“Glory Box” is a song by English electronic band Portishead, released on 2 January 1995 as the third and final single from their debut album, Dummy (1994). It samples “Ike’s Rap II” by Isaac Hayes and peaked at number 13 on the UK Singles Chart. I'm so tired of playingPlaying with this bow and arrowGonna give… Continue lendo PORTISHEAD – Glory Box

PORTISHEAD: Whatever Happened To The Band Behind ‘Roads’ & The Album ‘Dummy?’ | Rock N’ Roll True Stories

The history of Portishead began with a ponytailer teenager named Geoff Barrow who originally planned on doing graphic arts, but after seeing he wasn’t a good student decided to give music a try. Taking inspiration from rap records and film soundtracks he began to stitch together musical samples in his bedroom. At the age of… Continue lendo PORTISHEAD: Whatever Happened To The Band Behind ‘Roads’ & The Album ‘Dummy?’ | Rock N’ Roll True Stories

RACE TO SPACE – Stripsearch | Faith No More cover | Live @ Izvestia Hall (2014)

Race To Space is an electronic, indietronic, trip-hop band from Russia. Watch them perform Faith No More's "Stripsearch" live at Izvestia Hall (01.10.2014), opening for Tricky. It's over todayThe heat is goneTime is goneF for fakeI feel no wrongHide no wrongI love this placeThe lightsUnder this faceSo dry Only way to changeGive yourself awayDon't… Continue lendo RACE TO SPACE – Stripsearch | Faith No More cover | Live @ Izvestia Hall (2014)


Roberto Carlos Lange (born 1980), better known by his stage name Helado Negro, is an American musician. In 2019 he was awarded a United States Artists Fellow in Music and also the recipient of a 2019 Grants to Artists award in Music from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts. In 2015 he received a Joyce Foundation… Continue lendo HELADO NEGRO & BUSCABULLA – Agosto

PEEPING TOM – Caipirinha (feat. Bebel Gilberto)

Peeping Tom were an American electronic rock group led by Mike Patton. To date, they have released one eponymous album and two singles on Ipecac Recordings. The band has featured a wide variety of well-known artists such as Amon Tobin, Massive Attack, Norah Jones and Kool Keith. Work began on Peeping Tom in 2000, but… Continue lendo PEEPING TOM – Caipirinha (feat. Bebel Gilberto)

SOHO – Hippychick

Soho was an English musical trio, consisting of identical sisters Jacqueline (Jacqui) Cuff and Pauline Cuff, with producer Tim London (also known as Timothy Brinkhurst). Other members of the group over the years have been Liam Gillick (now a well-known artist – Gillick also contributed on turntables and drums at Soho's early gigs), Eds Chesters… Continue lendo SOHO – Hippychick