Nobody knows I’m here (2020) – Carlos Cabezas Here i've come, I wont be long just to ask, what you should know there is this land down below no hope in my soul there is no feeling this world's too cold Here I lie and watch the stars feel I'm dreaming all my life here is the love I've forgot my heart's... Continuar Lendo →

I could have lied – Red Hot Chili Peppers

It's so unsettling (and disappointing) to see the mental age regression of the Chili Peppers throughout the years (since the 2000's): a teenage pop band. Playback on Superbowl? Nah... Maybe this is their last (or one before the last) profound album. Likely to be my favorite (alongside "Mother's Milk" and "The uplift mofo party plan"). ... Continuar Lendo →

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