La Chanson de Jacky – SECRET CHIEFS 3/TRADITIONALISTS And if one day I should becomeA singer with a Spanish bumWho sings for women of great virtueI'd sing to them with a guitarI borrowed from a coffee barWell, what you don't know doesn't hurt youMy name would be AntonioAnd all my bridges I would burnAnd when I gave them some they'd knowI'd expect … Continuar lendo La Chanson de Jacky – SECRET CHIEFS 3/TRADITIONALISTS

Minuit Chrétien – RUFUS WAINWRIGHT

Minuit, chrétiens est un cantique de Noël sur un texte écrit aux alentours de 1843 par Placide Cappeau et mis en musique par Adolphe Adam en 1847. À l'origine composé pour soprano et clavier (piano, orgue ou harmonium), Minuit, chrétiens est souvent chanté par un baryton ou un ténor solo accompagné à l'orgue lors de … Continuar lendo Minuit Chrétien – RUFUS WAINWRIGHT

Word Up – KORN Yo pretty ladies around the worldGot a weird thing to show youSo tell all the boys and girlsTell your brother, your sister and your mamma tooWe're about to go downAnd you know just what to doWave your hands in the air like you don't careGlide by the people as they start to look and … Continuar lendo Word Up – KORN


"Sing with me / if it’s just for today / Maybe tomorrow / the good Lord will take you away". Every time when I look in the mirrorAll these lines on my face getting clearerThe past is goneIt went by, like dusk to dawnIsn’t that the wayEverybody’s got the dues in life to payI … Continuar lendo Dream On – RONNIE JAMES DIO

Breakaway – TRACEY ULLMANN I made my reservation, I'm leaving town tomorrowI'll find somebody new and there'll be no more sorrowThat's what I do each time, but I can't follow throughI can't breakaway, though you make me cryI can't breakaway, I can't say goodbyeNo I'll never never breakaway from you, no, noNo, no, no, no, noNo, no, no, … Continuar lendo Breakaway – TRACEY ULLMANN


Not everything's ruined. Trump lost. SHINY COPPER PENNIES! This week we covered Faith No More's "Everything's Ruined" so we are very nervous about it and there is absolutely footage of bird's shitting in reverse in the video. This cover features: Emily Lee: Droneflower and Shearwater… Trever Strnad: The Black Dahlia Murderhttps://theblackdahliamurder.bandcamp… Jared Shavelson: … Continuar lendo Everything’s ruined – THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER & FRIENDS

Trapdoor – LOS BITCHOS (live in London, 2019)

The pandemic shall pass, and there will still be Los Bitchos after it's gone... Cover/rework version of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard's "Trapdoor" (with a very Latin surprise in the middle)

DEE SNIDER’s Emotional Stripped Down Version of “We’re Not Gonna Take It”

Dee Snider, a forerunner of freedom of speech against bigotry and false moralism. F**k you, Tipper Gore, f**k you Al Gore. Yes, we can insult the senator's wife, or the founder of PMRC. We even insult God, Allah or whatever, so why not some dumb politicians? Directed by musician and illusionist Criss Angel in a … Continuar lendo DEE SNIDER’s Emotional Stripped Down Version of “We’re Not Gonna Take It”

They call it madness – MADNESS

Back inna days when skinheads were not bloody nazi cunts. Madness, madness, they call it madnessMadness, madness, they call it madnessIt’s plain to see, that is what they mean to meMadness, madness I call it gladnessMadness, madness, they call it madnessBut if this is madnessMan, I know I’m filled with gladnessIt’s gonna be rougher, … Continuar lendo They call it madness – MADNESS