NEGO MAX & DJ CIA – Pula Empurra ft. Cab e Kayode | KEMET

Nego Max is a Brazilian rapper from Rio de Janeiro, and raised in Taubaté, São Paulo. "Pula empurra" is an interpretation of "Pule ou empurre", by RPW, a Sao Paulo-based rap group founded in 1991, the first to have introduced head-banging and stage diving in their live acts.

Beautiful cover of “Bella Ciao” in Persian by an Iranian woman أغنية “بيلاشاو” بصوت رائع من إيران

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ANIKA – We’re Not Gonna Take It

From Twisted Sister's album Stay Hungry (1984) We're not gonna take itNo, we ain't gonna take itWe're not gonna take it anymore We've got the right to choose, andThere ain't no way we'll lose itThis is our life, this is our songWe'll fight the powers that be, justDon't pick on our destiny, 'causeYou don't… Continue lendo ANIKA – We’re Not Gonna Take It

TCHAVOLO SCHMITT – After You’ve Gone

Tchavolo Schmitt (born 1954 in Paris) is a gypsy jazz guitarist. Schmitt performed as a member of various ensembles in the 1970s. Then he settled in Strasbourg and left the professional circuit for a time, releasing solo albums in 2000. He played the role of Miraldo in Tony Gatlif's Swing. "After You've Gone" is… Continue lendo TCHAVOLO SCHMITT – After You’ve Gone

COMPRESSORHEAD – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Compressorhead is an animatronic robot band created by Berlin-based artist Frank Barnes and collaborators Markus Kolb, Stock Plum, and John and Rob Wright, formerly of NoMeansNo (!), as musical directors, songwriters and vocalists. The six "performers" in the band are all robots made from recycled parts, playing real electric and acoustic instruments and controlled… Continue lendo COMPRESSORHEAD – Smells Like Teen Spirit

PLACEBO – Shout (Tears for Fears)

"Shout" is a song by English pop/rock band Tears for Fears, released as the second single from their second studio album, Songs from the Big Chair (1985), on 23 November 1984. Roland Orzabal is the lead singer on the track. It is regarded as one of the most recognizable songs from the mid-eighties, and is… Continue lendo PLACEBO – Shout (Tears for Fears)

SARATAN – Ederlezi

Saratan ("Cancer" in Arabic) is a very interesting and unusual metal quartet from Poland, playing oriental/arabic music wrapped in with some aggressive metal sounds. Saratan are: Jarosław Niemiec - vocals, bass, tar, setar, cura, kamancheh, santur, saz Małgorzata „Maggie” Gwóźdź - vocals Adam Augustyński - guitars Michał Stefański - drums, darbuka, riq, tombak

STRANGE CHANGES – Baby’s First Coffin (The Dillinger Escape Plan’s cover)

Strange Changes are an experimental progressive rock band with funk and jazz influences. The Dillinger Escape Plan was an American metalcore band formed in 1997, by guitarist Ben Weinman, bassist Adam Doll, vocalist Dimitri Minakakis, and drummer Chris Pennie. The band's use of odd time signatures, polyrhythms and unconventional drum patterns became a staple of… Continue lendo STRANGE CHANGES – Baby’s First Coffin (The Dillinger Escape Plan’s cover)

ALICE MERTON – Hit The Ground Running (GingerAle Remix)

Remix of the song from Alice Merton's No Roots EP (2017). Hit the groundHit the ground running It’s a one way street with an open endAnd you never know what lies aheadBut I always knew that this was itThe signs were litOh, I always knew I’m gonna hit the ground runningHit the ground runningOnly… Continue lendo ALICE MERTON – Hit The Ground Running (GingerAle Remix)

CONCRETE BLONDE – Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen)

Leonard Cohen's "Everybody Knows" by Johnette Napolitano's Concrete Blonde, from their album Pump Up the Volume (1990). It was a single that charted at #20 on the US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart in September 1990. Everybody knows the dice are loadedEverybody rolls with their fingers crossedEverybody knows that the war is overEverybody knows… Continue lendo CONCRETE BLONDE – Everybody Knows (Leonard Cohen)