Beautiful cover of “Bella Ciao” in Persian by an Iranian woman أغنية “بيلاشاو” بصوت رائع من إيران

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CRANBERRIES – Zombie and more (live in Italy, 1999)

The Cranberries were an Irish rock band formed in Limerick, Ireland. Originally named the Cranberry Saw Us, the band were formed in 1989 by lead singer Niall Quinn, guitarist Noel Hogan, bassist Mike Hogan and drummer Fergal Lawler. Quinn was replaced as lead singer by Dolores O'Riordan in 1990 and they changed their name to… Continue lendo CRANBERRIES – Zombie and more (live in Italy, 1999)

BELLA CIAO: Italian Resistance Song

"Bella ciao" is an Italian protest folk song from the late 19th century, originally sung by the mondina workers in protest against the harsh working conditions in the paddy fields of Northern Italy. It is generally accepted that the song was modified and adopted as an anthem of the Italian resistance movement by the partisans… Continue lendo BELLA CIAO: Italian Resistance Song

CÍCERO – Laiá Laiá

Cícero Rosa Lins (1986) is a singer-songwriter from Rio de Janeiro. Vamos botarChapéu de burro na cabeça do reiDeixar a tristeza no canto e sairPra batucar na rio branco às seis Vamos cantarGlórias mofadas de um braguinha qualquerSambar na via atravessados (alguém deixou)Então tá deixado, não fique aí parado, essa é a leiVou pintar… Continue lendo CÍCERO – Laiá Laiá

KLITORES KAOS – Atividade Subversiva (live)

Feminist HxCx from Belém do Pará, Brazil. Live on the 30th anniversary of Balanço do Rock, a TV/radio program (13 July, 2021). Sou mulher combativaSou revolucionáriaAntifascistaContra a inérciaAtividade subversiva Refrão:Abaixo o machismoAbaixo o capitalMolotov na mãoE faz greve geral 2x Ação diretaContra o machismoAtividade subversivaÉ o que eu sigoAção diretaRecua PolíciaMulher enfrentandoA repressão fascista… Continue lendo KLITORES KAOS – Atividade Subversiva (live)

ANIKA – We’re Not Gonna Take It

From Twisted Sister's album Stay Hungry (1984) We're not gonna take itNo, we ain't gonna take itWe're not gonna take it anymore We've got the right to choose, andThere ain't no way we'll lose itThis is our life, this is our songWe'll fight the powers that be, justDon't pick on our destiny, 'causeYou don't… Continue lendo ANIKA – We’re Not Gonna Take It

KRIS DAVIS – Diatom Ribbons (making-of)

Kris Davis, a 2021 Doris Duke Artist in the jazz category, is a critically acclaimed pianist and composer who was described by The New York Times as a beacon for “deciding where to hear jazz on a given night.” Since 2003, Davis has released 23 recordings as a leader or co-leader and has collaborated with… Continue lendo KRIS DAVIS – Diatom Ribbons (making-of)

Recitation of the sacred Avesta Holy Gathas

The Gathas are 17 Avestan hymns traditionally believed to have been composed by the prophet Zarathushtra (Zoroaster). They form the core of the Zoroastrian liturgy (the Yasna). They are arranged in five different modes or metres. The Avestan term gāθā ("hymn", but also "mode, metre") is cognate with Sanskrit gāthā (गाथा), both from the Proto-Indo-Iranian… Continue lendo Recitation of the sacred Avesta Holy Gathas

ELLA FITZGERALD – After You’ve Gone

From Rhythm Is My Business (1962). “After You’ve Gone” is a 1918 popular song composed by Turner Layton with lyrics by Henry Creamer. Now won't you listen honey, while I say,How could you tell me that you're goin' away?Don't say that we must part,Don't break your baby's heart You know I've loved you for… Continue lendo ELLA FITZGERALD – After You’ve Gone