OMKARA – Shower of Grace

"Shower of Grace" by Omkara, with lyrics by Mooji. Performed after Satsang in Monte Sahaja on 29 April 2018. This song is available on:'River of Light'…and 'Let Nothing Remain'… Lyrics:Shower of GraceRiver of LoveOcean of PeaceTimeless Truth Dreaming into beingThis joyous worldThe play of the divineAll of this we areAll this we… Continue lendo OMKARA – Shower of Grace

LOU REED – Perfect Day

"Perfect Day" is a song written by American musician Lou Reed in 1972. It was originally featured on Transformer, Reed's second post–Velvet Underground solo album, and as a double A-side with his major hit, "Walk on the Wild Side". Its fame was given a boost in the 1990s when it was featured in the 1996… Continue lendo LOU REED – Perfect Day


Emma Ruth Rundle (born October 10, 1983) is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist and visual artist based in Portland, Oregon. Formerly of the Nocturnes, she has released three solo albums and is a member of Red Sparowes and Marriages. [Verse 1]A rich belief that no one sees youYour ribbon cut from all the fates andSome… Continue lendo EMMA RUTH RUNDLE – Return

THE DRESDEN DOLLS – Ultima Esperanza

From the album No, Virginia (2008) Downloading doves on your fancy computerYoure shooting for love in the darkHey jude youve found her now go instant messageHer name is a pretty good start Ultima sits in her bedroom in texas andWaits for her hamsters to touchShe lost her legs in a car crash three years… Continue lendo THE DRESDEN DOLLS – Ultima Esperanza

THE DRESDEN DOLLS – Me & The Minibar Bring two prix fixe dinners upI'll unwrap the plastic cupsIt's just us my loveIt's just us my love I will make the room up nicePut your insides all on iceIt was real true loveIt was real true love Close all the windowsPut signs on the handlesAnd strip down to my dun-dun-dunsYou have gone so… Continue lendo THE DRESDEN DOLLS – Me & The Minibar

Stagger Lee (live) – NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS

From the Murder Ballads album. Live in Copenhagen. Taken from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Distant Sky DVD. It was back in ‘32 when times were hardHe had a Colt .45 and a deck of cardsStagger Lee He wore rat-drawn shoes and an old stetson hatHad a ‘28 Ford, had payments on thatStagger… Continue lendo Stagger Lee (live) – NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS


Daniel Johnston (1961–2019) foi um cantor, compositor, músico e artista norte-americano. Johnston teve sua vida narrada no documentário The Devil and Daniel Johnston de 2006, que venceu o prémio da crítica do festival NatFilm. Foi diagnosticado a Daniel transtorno bipolar e esquizofrenia, que foi um problema ao longo da sua vida. Seu álbum mais notório… Continue lendo Never Relaxed – DANIEL JOHNSTON

Dis, quand reviendras-tu ? – BARBARA

Barbara (Paris, 9 de junho de 1930 - Neuilly-sur-Seine, 24 de novembro de 1997), cujo nome de batismo era Monique Andrée Serf, foi uma cantora e compositora francesa (que também assinava como Barbara Brodi). Barbara era filha de Jacques, um judeu da Alsácia, e Esther Brodsky, uma ucraniana, e tinha três irmãos. Durante a ocupação… Continue lendo Dis, quand reviendras-tu ? – BARBARA

Famous Blue Raincoat – THE HANDSOME FAMILY

Husband-and-wife duo Brett Sparks (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Rennie Sparks (bass, banjo, vocals) formed the band in 1993, along with drummer Mike Werner. The band would later revolve around Rennie, who writes the lyrics, and Brett, who writes the music. Guest musicians complete the band line-up for recordings and live work. Regarding the band name,… Continue lendo Famous Blue Raincoat – THE HANDSOME FAMILY