OCTETO ELECTRÓNICO – Ensambles Históricos | Piazzolla 100 | Live @ Centro Cultural Kirchner (2021)

El Centro Cultural Kirchner sigue presentando la música de los ensambles históricos de Astor Piazzolla. En esta oportunidad, un octeto dirigido por el músico, compositor y arreglador Nico Sorín reinterpreta parte de la obra de Astor junto a su conjunto electrónico. El repertorio está basado en el concierto que el octeto realizó en el Olympia… Continue lendo OCTETO ELECTRÓNICO – Ensambles Históricos | Piazzolla 100 | Live @ Centro Cultural Kirchner (2021)


Nyttårskonserten: Carmen – Czardas – STIAN CARSTENSEN

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ar1TUEcDV7g Vittorio Monti: CzardasFarmers Market: Norge-Bulgaria 10-11Pablo de Sarasate: Carmen Fantasy Op. 25 Stian Carstensen (soloist): Accordion, Bulgarian Kaval (flute), Pedal steel guitar.Conductor: Peter Sebastian SzilvayConcertmaster: Kolbjørn Holthe I. CzardasII. Norge-Bulgaria 10-11III. Carmen Fantasy Op. 25 Utdrag fra Kristiansand Symfoniorkester sin nyttårskonsert 2021. På grunn av strenge smitteverntiltak gikk konserten uten publikum tilstede i salen.… Continue lendo Nyttårskonserten: Carmen – Czardas – STIAN CARSTENSEN

José Lucchesi: a mysterious tango musician (made in Brazil)

José María Lucchesi was born José Marcos Lucchesi in Sorocaba, Brazil, in 1897. Lucchesi played mainly the accordion, but also piano, harmonica and guitar. Lucchesi went to France in the 1920s and became a French citizen in 1942. He died in Paris on February 10th, 1989. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I049Yqu519M Very little information on Lucchesi is available on… Continue lendo José Lucchesi: a mysterious tango musician (made in Brazil)

FARMERS MARKET & MICHAEL BRECKER – Live at Nortsee Jazzfestival (2004)

Farmers Market is a Norwegian band founded in Trondheim, Sør-Trøndelag, in 1991. They have released four studio albums. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uJbzh7QS8g The band started out as a free jazz quintet sprung out from the conservatory in Trondheim, but now incorporates a wide variety of genres, such as jazz, rock, pop music, bluegrass, classical and – most significantly… Continue lendo FARMERS MARKET & MICHAEL BRECKER – Live at Nortsee Jazzfestival (2004)


Insolite ("odd", "weird", in French) designates, according to the etymology, everything that is unusual and escapes the realm of the ordinary. […] The word itself tells me more and less at the same time: it suggests something rare, in fact, but of a special and incisive rareness that is not limited to a simple average… Continue lendo HIGH CASTLE TELEORKESTRA – Mutual Hazard

Saxofone, por que choras? – RATINHO | Brasil Toca Choro

"Saxofone, porque choras?", de Ratinho (1896-1972), interpretada Henrique Araújo, Lau Trajano, Olivio Filho, Zé Pitoco, Alisson Silva, Dido Trajano e Guegué Medeiros. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwuAtgst76A A série teve direção e produção musical de Marquinho Mendonça e Swami Jr e mixagens de Alberto Ranellucci.

MARCELO JENECI & GERALDO AZEVEDO – Oxente (ao vivo @ Sala São Paulo

Concerto aconteceu dia 9 de outubro de 2021 pela série de shows dos Encontros Históricos na Sala São Paulo, realizado pela Fundação OSESP e Fundação Padre Anchieta através da orquestra Brasil Jazz Sinfônica. A orquestra dividiu o palco com dois gênios da nossa MPB, Marcelo Jeneci e Geraldo Azevedo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJn1J84_9g0 Música: Oxente de Marcelo JeneciArranjo:… Continue lendo MARCELO JENECI & GERALDO AZEVEDO – Oxente (ao vivo @ Sala São Paulo

OLGA AVIGAIL MIELESZCZUK – Goodbye Odessa (Yiddish Song)

This Yiddish-Ukrainian song "Proshchai Odessa" was sung by Pesakh Burstein. I've combined it with a Ukrayinish Kek-Vok (Ukrainian Cakewalk) collected by Yale Strom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2TQ2ehSsKs Oh Odessa, goodbye Odessa,I will miss you so much,I will never forget you,Farewell my friends,Let's shout together:Odessa Mama, I love you so much! Vocal: Olga Avigail MieleszczukViolin: Daniel HoffmanClarinet: Ittai BinnunAccordion:… Continue lendo OLGA AVIGAIL MIELESZCZUK – Goodbye Odessa (Yiddish Song)

ED COX & E-COLI – Tetris Theme (live at Boomtown Fair 2019)

Ed Cox is an musician/producer from Cambridge, UK. His love of traditional music inspired him to use folky melodies when writing jungle and tekno. The result was CLOWNCORE. He plays Clowncore live in venues across the world, and more recently, has taken it to the streets and to festivals, busking and playing whenever he can.… Continue lendo ED COX & E-COLI – Tetris Theme (live at Boomtown Fair 2019)

ESTRADASPHERE – Palace of Mirrors (fvll albvm)

Palace of Mirrors is the fifth and final full-length album by Estradasphere. It was released on September 19, 2006. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgkBBizPymo "Title" – 0:34"Palace of Mirrors" – 3:41"A Corporate Merger" – 8:16"The Terrible Beautypower of Meow" – 4:01"Colossal Risk" – 4:36"The Unfolding Pause on the Threshold" – 4:17"Smuggled Mutation" – 4:48"Six Hands" – 1:12"The Debutante" – 2:44"Flower Garden… Continue lendo ESTRADASPHERE – Palace of Mirrors (fvll albvm)