BESH O DROM – Vaságy

When a city is plagued by giants playing Monopoly with its buildings, ordinary citizens will have to turn themselves into members of a punk band to destabilize power. PS: Vaságy, in Hungarian, means "iron bed" (without a mattress). Reggel korán a vaságyon,Három decit de bevágok,Kerázd kerázd jól kerázd,Veszek neked pálinkát, veszek neked három deci… Continue lendo BESH O DROM – Vaságy


Kanna szóló – Ádám Pettik (Besh o Drom) The Cegléd water jug (Hungarian: 'Ceglédi kanna') is a container for water named after the city of Cegléd, Hungary. It is also used as a musical instrument in folk music, in particular, in Romani music of Hungary. A Cegléd jug is a 7–9 liter metal jug for water, with a handle and a lid.… Continue lendo Kanna szóló – Ádám Pettik (Besh o Drom)

BESH O DROM – Cigansko Oro

Besh o droM is a Balkan music group. Their music blends folk and contemporary instruments (including the cymbalom and the EWI, in styles ranging from punk-rock to world music. They acknowledge particular influences from Transylvanian, Jewish, Turkish, Afghan, Egyptian, Lebanese, Armenian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Macedonian and Greek musical traditions. The band was formed in Budapest in… Continue lendo BESH O DROM – Cigansko Oro

Music without borders: Besh O Drom (Hungary)

SOUNDTRACKS OF TOMORROW - It would be too cliché to say that Besh O Drom is a gypsy music group. They are indeed, and so much more. It would also be a cliché to define them under "world music", even though their music ranges across a wide variety of styles and musical traditions, such as… Continue lendo Music without borders: Besh O Drom (Hungary)