ALPHAVILLE – Welcome to the Sun

Alphaville é um grupo musical alemão de synth-pop que ganhou popularidade nos anos 1980. Antes de se tornar Alphaville, a banda chamava-se "Forever Young", cuja tradução do inglês é "jovem para sempre", que mais tarde seria o título de um dos trabalhos mais lembrados da banda. Dentre seus maiores sucessos, destacam-se as canções "Big in… Continue lendo ALPHAVILLE – Welcome to the Sun

Sounds Like A Melody – ALPHAVILLE It's a trick of my mindTwo faces bathing in the screen lightShe's so soft and warm in my armsI tune it into the sceneMy hands are resting on her shouldersWhen we're dancing away for a whileOh, we're moving, we're fallingWe step into the fireBy the hour of the wolf in a midnight dreamThere's no… Continue lendo Sounds Like A Melody – ALPHAVILLE

Lies – ALPHAVILLE BabyWhat do I doPlaying my tune for youJust to get you in the moodEverybody's going to hollywoodYou're driving me madBut I'm smiling to the crowd insteadA lot of money is at stake,This is a hit and that's a fakeThis is what you mean to meThis is what they all should seeMake a make up… Continue lendo Lies – ALPHAVILLE

Jerusalem – ALPHAVILLE Waiting on this empty streetWatching rivers' waves go byFeeling mellow, lighting a cigaretteSilver moon floats through the nightEris, princess of the islesDisperse your sparkling traceLead it on to the house of loveWhere the gods may turn his eyesTo Jerusalem we prayIt's time to meet you thereLet's take love to Jerusalem, oh yeahLet me know,… Continue lendo Jerusalem – ALPHAVILLE

The Voyager – ALPHAVILLE Now, she's touched the earth, you feel her lovePouring down like an endless rainOf colors on your skinShe descends out of the blue,A breathless victor of timeAfter more than a million light-years preparing her comebackAnd she's rushing inFrom the outsideOn the crest of the seventh waveShe's the crown of creationCreating youThe voyagerIs here to… Continue lendo The Voyager – ALPHAVILLE

Universal daddy – Alphaville • Music & Lyrics written by Marian Gold, Bernhard Lloyd & Ricky Echolette. If you want a new connectionI'll be just a step away(Not far away)Come on move in my directionLeave your dollshouse at the breaking of the day, heyGet this message in your heartbeat(Ooh, ooh)There's an ally you can trust(Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh)You've… Continue lendo Universal daddy – Alphaville