ALI & FRAZIER – Uptown Top Ranking (1993)

"Uptown Top Ranking" is a song by Jamaican teenage singers Althea Forrest and Donna Reid, recorded when they were 17 and 18 years old respectively. Released in 1977, the song comprises the girls ad-libbing to deejay track "Three Piece Suit" by Trinity. The lyrics were written by the duo and Errol Thompson. It was produced… Continue lendo ALI & FRAZIER – Uptown Top Ranking (1993)


ALTHEA & DONNA – Uptown Top Ranking [studio/live] (1978)

Althea & Donna were a Jamaican reggae vocal duo, consisting of Althea Rose Forrest and Donna Marie Reid. They are best known for their 1977 single "Uptown Top Ranking", which was a number-one hit in the United Kingdom in 1978. See me in me heels and tingDem check, sey we hip and… Continue lendo ALTHEA & DONNA – Uptown Top Ranking [studio/live] (1978)