Satpal Ram is a British man who was charged and convicted of killing Clarke Pearce in Birmingham, England during a fight in 1986. His case has drawn some controversy due to alleged mistreatment by the courts and the British prison system due to his racial background. According to Satpal Ram, he and two friends visited… Continue lendo ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION – Free Satpal Ram!



Who goes there?The original Asian Dub FoundationAlongside Navigator on the m-i-cUp here reality we talk and strictly cultureCulture upon the move this year"Culture Move", Rafi's Revenge (1997) Now watch thisI want all of the masses them come do culture move This collaboration here with no ego tripWe don't bring no badness no fuss or… Continue lendo Culture Move – ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION

Operation Eagle Lie / Black White – ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION

Young sisters and brothers dying from heart attacksBut how can we breathe when the beast is on our back CS gas in your lungs, eyes and your mouthJust another police murder without without a doubtAsian Dub Foundation 1998 Lies! Damn lies and statisticsFitting up and stitching down at ballisticsThe back of the van it… Continue lendo Operation Eagle Lie / Black White – ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION

Buzzin’ / Naxalite [live] – ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION This here's the miracle of modern creationSo we say jump up, jump up because you know we're buzzingAny time we come I say we shock and a stingYeah, jump up, jump up because you know we're buzzingAny time we come we shock and stingGet up, get up come and do somethingLike a fly in… Continue lendo Buzzin’ / Naxalite [live] – ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION

Modern Apprentice – ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION I am a modern apprenticeI believe in the life-long learning'ain't gonna take away this natural yearningTo know the truthThe truth about the lies you've been givingIt's not a state of affairs that that i'm prepared to live in   I will find out for myselfNo i ain't gonna be your cloneAin't gonna be working… Continue lendo Modern Apprentice – ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION