Rolodex Propaganda (live) – AT THE DRIVE-IN

Watch At The Drive In perform Rolodex Propaganda on Later back in 2000. Pinch historyFeel the pinch blisteringPinch me in my dreams'Cause I'm still not listeningX marks the spotOn your calendar daysA beard half eatenSmiledCrawling with legsTemper tempered temperature Manuscript replicaIn infrared is how we sawThe night that lit upScarecrow plotsThe nerve that pinchesCrippled … Continuar lendo Rolodex Propaganda (live) – AT THE DRIVE-IN

Quarantined – At the Drive-In autonomous machete for hands warden and judge hide behind masks wet raindrop lull small rationing exhumed the rhetoric of break the weak in single file sanction this outbreak- a virus conspires push becomes shove, days become months i seem to have forgotten the warmth of the sun feeding frenzy, it's contagious have trigger, will … Continuar lendo Quarantined – At the Drive-In