Lyrical-existential poet, working class hero, self-imposing DIY artist, authentically punk, amazing female singer with a manish name, my current obsession: Billy Nomates. {Verse 1}Clean up in aisle sevenBarryʼs spilt his guts out againHeʼs all over the cerealAnd people are starting to complainWell he might not never of wanted this lifeAnd we took him off … Continuar lendo Supermarket sweep – BILLY NOMATES & SLEAFORD MODS

Mork n Mindy – SLEAFORD MODS & BILLY NOMATES Mork n Mindy is the sound of the central heating and the dying smells of Sunday dinner in a house on an estate in 1982. Concrete, dinted garages, nicotine. Where beauty mainly exists in small cracks on the shell of your imagination. Directed by Ben WheatleyProduced by Andy Starke From the album 'Spare Ribs', … Continuar lendo Mork n Mindy – SLEAFORD MODS & BILLY NOMATES

Hippy Elite – BILLY NOMATES {verse 1}Well i’m sorry i canʼt stop and chatNo i wonʼt be signing up for thatIt’s ok iʼm a terrible personWell i wanna save the whales tooBut its a fuckin wednesday afternoonSo a canvas bag and a smile is the best iʼve got for you {chorus}All the things they do i donʼt disagreeHug a … Continuar lendo Hippy Elite – BILLY NOMATES

FNP – BILLY NOMATES [Verse 1]Well I sleep on the floorOf a room I just canʼt affordFor a job that I just donʼt want'Cause I was born with a fork not a spoonAnd things fall throughLife is too expensiveAh donʼt get defensiveWell what do ya want blood?I'm A positiveUhuhWell I made a run for it onceI just ended up back at square oneCos they could smell me … Continuar lendo FNP – BILLY NOMATES

No – BILLY NOMATES No is the greatest resistanceNo to your nothing existenceNo I don't think it looks betterYes we are stronger togetherNo I won't die on your floorNo I'm not righteous anymoreNo I don't fit in your pocketI won't shave everything off i'm not twelveYes I'm gunna put in the hoursNo to your ivory towersNo's gunna start … Continuar lendo No – BILLY NOMATES