BJÖRK – MEDULLA ANNIVERSARY VIDEO (feat. Mike Patton & Rahzel)

A short compilation video made for the anniversary of Björk's Medúlla (released August 31 2004), which highlights her collaboration with Mike Patton and Rahzel for the album. The footage used to create this short video was taken from "The Inner or Deep Part of an Animal or Plant Structure", the official DVD released by… Continue lendo BJÖRK – MEDULLA ANNIVERSARY VIDEO (feat. Mike Patton & Rahzel)


Making of Current 93/HÖH “Island” – Iceland (1986)

An assortment of images from our trip to Iceland in the summer of 1986, when the first recordings for the Current 93/HÖH album "Island" were made. The original telecine footage is lost, this is from the U-Matic offline copy with timecode. There's a spot on the lens, and the Sugarcubes concert footage is mostly out… Continue lendo Making of Current 93/HÖH “Island” – Iceland (1986)