Six Pack – BLACK FLAG Twenty-five dollars and a six pack to my nameSix packSpent the rest on beer so who's to blame?Six packThey say I'm fucked up all the timeSix packWhat they do is a waste of my timeSix pack I know it'll be okayI get a six pack in me My boyfriend asked which one I like… Continue lendo Six Pack – BLACK FLAG


Rise Above – BLACK FAG

The "Absolutely Fabulous" Tribute to Black Flag! Jealous cowards try to controlRise above! We're gonna rise above!They distort what we sayRise above! We're gonna rise above!Try and stop what we doRise above! We're gonna rise above!When they can't do it themselvesRise above! We're gonna rise above! We are tired of your abuseTry to stop… Continue lendo Rise Above – BLACK FAG

Nervous Breakdown – BLACK FLAG I'm aboutTo have a nervous breakdownMy head really hurtsIf I don't find a way out of hereI'm gonna go berserk 'cuzI'm crazy and I'm hurtHead on my shouldersIt's going...berserk I hear the same old talk talk talkThe same old linesDon't do me that today, yeahIf you know what's good for you you'll get out… Continue lendo Nervous Breakdown – BLACK FLAG