BODY COUNT – Live in Los Angeles (2004)

Rapper Ice-Motherfuckin-T's heavy metal group recorded live at The Troubadour in Hollywood, November 2004 at a Memorial Concert for deceased rhythm guitarist D-Roc. Body Count's N Tha HouseBody M.F. CountMasters of RevengeKillin FloorBowels of the DevilOn with the Body CountMurder for HireKKK BitchDrive ByVoodooThere Goes the NeighborhoodEvil DickLast BreathSurviving the GameBring it to PainCop… Continue lendo BODY COUNT – Live in Los Angeles (2004)


BODY COUNT – Raining Blood / Postmortem 2017

BODY COUNT - Raining In Blood / Postmortem 2017 (OFFICIAL VIDEO). Ice! Explain Body CountBody Count is a band I put togetherJust to let one of my best friends Ernie C play his guitarHe's always been playing guitarWe all went to Crenshaw High School together in South Central Los AngelesAnd I had the idea… Continue lendo BODY COUNT – Raining Blood / Postmortem 2017

Disorder – SLAYER & BODY COUNT WAR!!! Our government is f**kedSure to bring us downThe media incites civil unrestHatred can bring you down [Chorus]WAR!!!I don't want your warWAR!!!WE DON'T NEED YOUR WARWe don't need your warWAR!!!Military beasts starvin countriesDrama brings you to your kneesSpill your blood to save humanityDyin for the food we feed [Chorus]Our government is f**kedSure to bring… Continue lendo Disorder – SLAYER & BODY COUNT

The Hate Is Real – BODY COUNT BODY COUNT - The Hate Is Real (OFFICIAL VIDEO)​ LYRICS: "The words echo America's long and painful historyOf telling citizens of color they do not belong here""Is the president a racist?""We live in fear every single day""But we never know what can happen to us because of our skin color""Get the fuck out of… Continue lendo The Hate Is Real – BODY COUNT

Cop killer- Body Count & friends

When Rodney King was brutally assaulted and arrested by racist police officers in 1992, Ice-T formed Body Count and wrote "Cop Killer", a song that was rapidly censored (and removed from the censored album version). "Cop killer" revisited. Fuck police brutality! I got my black shirt on. I got my black gloves on. I… Continue lendo Cop killer- Body Count & friends