The Hate Is Real – BODY COUNT BODY COUNT - The Hate Is Real (OFFICIAL VIDEO)​ LYRICS: "The words echo America's long and painful historyOf telling citizens of color they do not belong here""Is the president a racist?""We live in fear every single day""But we never know what can happen to us because of our skin color""Get the fuck out of … Continuar lendo The Hate Is Real – BODY COUNT

Cop killer- Body Count & friends

When Rodney King was brutally assaulted and arrested by racist police officers in 1992, Ice-T formed Body Count and wrote "Cop Killer", a song that was rapidly censored (and removed from the censored album version). "Cop killer" revisited. Fuck police brutality! I got my black shirt on. I got my black gloves on. I … Continuar lendo Cop killer- Body Count & friends