ESTRADASPHERE – Meteorite Showers (live)

From the album Buck Fever (2001) Taken from the "These Are The Days VHS," check out some vintage old-school Estradasphere with the original lineup still intact. This performance was from 14 Below in Santa Monica, California. In Salem place andwondering what the hell was thatmovie that Shaun-D got kidnapped atwhat was he watchin'when Bart… Continue lendo ESTRADASPHERE – Meteorite Showers (live)


Very Intense Battle (live 02/09/00) – ESTRADASPHERE Studio version: What does today bringAll is well, downtownHow will I help myselfTo this land! Battle!Cutting, gouging, slicing for GodThe savages here are so very intense.Bathe in a fountain of bloodAnd sip victorious the divine plan. War makes peace?Then it's all for sale.Buildings hold down the deadThis is what the eagle sees. Battle!So… Continue lendo Very Intense Battle (live 02/09/00) – ESTRADASPHERE