The Air-Conditioned Nightmare (Köln, 2000) – MR. BUNGLE Mr. Bungle's The Air Conditioned Nightmare live in Köln (Germany) 18 August, 2000. Inside of me todayThere is no oneOnly asteroids and empty spaceA waste…They're looking through the windows at me…Get me out of this air-conditioned nightmareRots your brain just like a catchy tune, yeahYou will hate life more than life hates youHappiness is… Continue lendo The Air-Conditioned Nightmare (Köln, 2000) – MR. BUNGLE


Retrovertigo – MR. BUNGLE

A beautiful song with visionary lyrics, composed by Trevor Dunn. Before you advertise All the fame is implied With no fortune unseen Sell the rights to your blight time machine While I'm dulled by excess (dulled by excess) And a cynic at best (cynic at best) My art imitates crime Paid for by the… Continue lendo Retrovertigo – MR. BUNGLE